Industrial PhD Position in Information and Communication Technology

Updated: about 1 year ago
Deadline: 31 May 2019

Thomas Johann Seebeck Department of Electronics at School of Information Technologies, Tallinn University of Technology, Estonia, and OÜ Eliko, Estonian, has an opening for an industrial PhD project on the development and algorithms and methods for wireless indoor tracking, positioning and object locating systems.

Wireless indoor tracking, positioning and object locating systems have become a very popular research topic due to the increase of practical applications and demand from the industry as well as the spread of IoT devices. Although, there are already techniques and many methods for indoor positioning they lack the robustness, scalability, reliability and adaptiveness to different applications, situations and environments. Industrial applications are difficult to solve in terms of obstructions, non-line of sight, RF propagation and require higher robustness and adaptability while maintaining positioning accuracy to meet the requirements of the applications.

Objectives and Tasks
This industry PhD thesis aims to tackle the problems related to indoor positioning systems and improve and develop new methods and algorithms to increase the adaptability, robustness and accuracy of the positioning systems. The focus of the PhD is to deal with the NLOS situations, changing environments and adaptability of the positioning system. In collaboration with Eliko OÜ the PhD thesis will be based on real-life problems and data, practical environments, applications using existing UWB KIO RTLS positioning system.

About the company
Eliko is a technology company which specializes and is the leading expert in Estonia in indoor positioning. Eliko’s UWB KIO RTLS system is based on the Decawave DWM1000 chip with custom and in house developed hardware, software and algorithms. Eliko has multiple partners and clients across the world and has an active partnership with Ericsson to deploy the positioning system in coexistence with Ericsson systems. Eliko is further interested in contributing to the indoor positioning research community and to develop algorithms for the next generation positioning systems.

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