Senior Coordinator, Theban Mapping Project (Grant Position)

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Reports to:Director, Theban Mapping Project (TMP)

Purpose:The holder of this position will coordinate and support all activities of TMP in Cairo, Luxor and outside of Egypt as well as oversee all TMP personnel. He/she should have experience with Egyptian bureaucracy (especially the Ministry of Antiquities and the Ministry of Defense), and knowledge of AUC and University administration and accounting requirements in general.

Principal Accountabilities:

  • Prepare, revise, monitor and update official paperwork and information with the Ministry of Antiquities (MOA) as well as publishers and TV companies
  • Coordinate all official paperwork for all TMP projects with government offices
  • Facilitate and help Egyptology projects in the military zone, help the directors and the team members to obtain the military security clearance, national security, state security and the ministry of environment approval
  • Follow up with the Ministry of Antiquities (MOA) until the project receive the approval to work on the site
  • Submit and translate the final report for the Ministry of Antiquities (MOA)
  • Help to get free antiquities passes for the project directors and students
  • Coordinate with ARCE offices in Egypt and USA as well as foreign missions in Egypt and abroad in order to prepare proposals, narrative and financial reports and prepare and monitor budgets for joint projects
  • Oversees all library functions in Luxor including purchasing, budgets, monitoring and reconciliation of cash accounts, overseeing personnel, managing donations and all official paperwork
  • Translation of official documents
  • Manage the official TMP office schedule and the director’s schedule
  • Arrange all official travel and accommodations for all TMP personnel in Cairo, Luxor, USA and Europe
  • Responsible for preparing, revising, monitoring, updating and reconciling TMP budgets
  • Coordinate with AUC offices in order to prepare narrative and financial reports, prepare and monitor budgets
  • Manages the petty cash account including paying and filing receipts and reconciling statements
  • Coordinate external purchases of books, materials and office and field supplies with local businesses
  • Managing TMP account in Luxor including legal documents, general payments and account reconciliation and monitoring
  • Preparing all payments for local and foreign contractors
  • Coordinate with publishers to edit, proofread, translate and process payments and paperwork
  • Perform various routine, clerical, administrative and general office duties involving transcripts, typing, record and file organization, internal and external mail coordination and distribution and telephone reception
  • Oversees generation of TMP materials, updates, handouts and website content
  • Coordinates Library assets, supplies and equipment including purchasing and shipping
  • Purchase, monitor and repair all office computers, equipment, office and field supplies
  • Coordinate shipping in Egypt and to the United States
  • Coordinate trip arrangements, correspondence, in-kind, book and financial donations with donors
  • Perform additional duties and assume additional responsibilities required by the director


Minimum Education Requirement:  

Bachelor’s degree


  • A minimum of three years of relevant experience
  • Experience with Egyptian bureaucracy (especially the Ministry of Antiquities and the Ministry of Defense)


  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills in English and Arabic
  • Strong organizational and time management skills
  • Ability to work under pressure
  • Ability to communicate and interact professionally with a wide range of people including distinguished guests, university administration, faculty, staff and students
  • Strong computer skills in accounting software, MS Word, MS Power-point and MS Excel
  • Professional on SAP software accounting system
  • Ability to work independently

The position is open until February 102020

Placement is based on the candidate’s experience and skills. Only candidates who make it to the shortlist will be contacted. If interested, follow the link below and apply:
Senior Coordinator, Theban Mapping Project

“We thank all individuals who have expressed interest in working at The American University in Cairo."

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