PhD scholarship within the field of Compliance/Financial Compliance at the Department of Management, Politics and Philosophy (CBS Law)

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Deadline: 19 Jun 2022

Copenhagen Business School invites applications for a vacant PhD scholarship within the field of Compliance or Financial Compliance. 

Core research areas of CBS LAW, Department of Management, Politics and Philosophy:

CBS LAW is a leading institution for providing excellence in legal scholarship and one of the most dynamic scholarly environments within law in Northern Europe.

CBS LAW’s main mission is to challenge and develop existing legal structures. In that sense, our research focuses on these structures, their setup, how they function, how they influence the society and what processes, in turn, influence their change. CBS LAW also aims to exercise influence on regulation, through providing high quality legal and multidisciplinary research, participating in policy initiatives, and laying the groundwork for future changes.

Teaching responsibilities of the Department comprise undergraduate and graduate teaching

CBS LAW is a constituent part of the Department for Management, Politics and Philosophy (MPP). 

Research area:

The complexity of a constantly transforming risk picture has challenged the static way of looking at law. One of the recent societal transformations is the way businesses and the public sector handle risk. Whereas a traditional picture of law is static, a modern view takes it as a dynamic entity. Risk, which is present in all business and societal activities - in finance, healthcare, data-based economy to name but a few – makes the legal baseline fluid and transformative, putting the question of risk-based regulation but also risk-based compliance at the forefront of business and academic interest.

Compliance, Risk Management and Legal Governance all refer to a set of approaches and tools used by corporations to embrace, employ and supervise a systems approach to business problems arising from risk. In an academic setting, Law & Management is an emerging scholarly discipline but also a business approach that takes into consideration the proactive use of law by the management to deal with risk situations. Compliance refers to the process by which organization polices its own behaviour to ensure that it conforms with regulation. Governance, on the other hand, refers to the processes in which decisions relative to risk and compliance are made in an organization.  The proposed PhD is based in a new discipline, named The Law of Governance, Risk Management and Compliance, which looks into how rules that ensure that organizations are effectively managed are formed.

Examples of research areas that a scholarship might cover: 

  • Compliance
  • Financial Compliance
  • Risk Management
  • Legal Governance

MPP provides critical and cutting-edge research in the humanities and social sciences. Cross-disciplinary research is encouraged and will be supported where synergies between law and other disciplines at MPP exist. There is an expectation that the PhDs in Law will participate in the stimulating research environment of the Department as a whole:

The three-year PhD programme at CBS gives you the opportunity to conduct research under the supervision of CBS’s associate professors and professors, supported by research related PhD courses. The programme is international, and you are expected to participate in international research conferences and to spend time at another research institution as a visiting PhD student. See the CBS homepage for more information about the PhD programme, .  

CBS PhD graduates are held in high esteem not only in academia and research institutions but also in government and business where their research qualifications are in high demand.

CBS is committed to ensuring excellence, transformative and relevant teaching and research. Candidates who wish to join us must be interested in working in an organisation of this type and it is expected that the applicant shows an interest in joining the department's research environment. You can read more about CBS LAW’s research here:

Application and admission requirements

The department will give priority to applicants with high grades from their universities.
To be considered the applicant must

  • have a basic education at master's level (corresponding to the 3 + 2 Bologna process)
  • have received the grade of 10 (or equivalent) for the master's thesis according to the Danish 7-point grading scale ( )
  • have a weighted grade point average of at least 8.2 on the Danish 7-point grading scale for the bachelor's and master's degree combined or alternatively a weighted grade point average must be at least 9.5 for the master's degree alone. If the grade point average is not met, documentation for being in the top 40% of the class is also accepted. 
  • have completed the master's programme before starting the PhD programme at CBS
  • master academic English at a high level in writing and speaking

The application (see link below) must include a five-page project description. The project description must include:

  • a presentation of an original research question
  • a description of the initial theoretical framework and method
  • a presentation of the proposed empirical material
  • a work plan for the three years

More information can be found here: .

In addition to the project description, copies of the following must be included:

  • diploma for bachelor's and master's degree or other certificates at an equivalent level as well as the grade transcripts
  • documentation for being in the top 40% of the class (if grade requirements are not met)
  • a concise curriculum vitae (CV)
  • a list of articles and publications (if applicable)
  • one example of a selected written work (e.g. master's thesis)

The PhD student is enrolled in the CBS PhD School. Further information about PhD scholarships and the PhD programme can be found at .

For further information please contact Director of CBS LAW, Andrej Savin, email . Information about the department can be found at:

Employment and salary:

A PhD scholarship runs for a period of three years, and includes teaching obligations equivalent to six months’ work (840 work hours). The scholarships are fully salaried positions, according to the national Danish collective agreement. The monthly salary is currently approximately DKK 28,366 up to DKK 34,257 depending on seniority and a pension contribution totalling 17.1%. The scholarship includes tuition fees, office space, course and travel costs (according to the current CBS agreement). 

Salary level and employment take place in accordance with the Ministry of Finance's agreement with the Academics' Central Organization.

Recruitment procedure:

The Recruitment Committee shortlists two to five applicants to be assessed by the Assessment Committee. Applicants are informed whether their application has proceeded for assessment.

Applicants selected for assessment will be notified about the composition of the Assessment Committee and will receive their personal assessment later. Selected applicants will be invited for an interview. Please note that a positive assessment does not automatically result in an interview. Once the recruitment process is completed each applicant will be notified of the outcome of their application. 

The application must be sent via the online link below. 

Copenhagen Business School must receive all application material, including all appendices (see above), by the application deadline.

Details about Copenhagen Business School are available at .

Deadline: 19 june 2022.

Closing date: 19 June 2022.

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CBS is a globally recognised business school with deep roots in the Nordic socio-economic model. We have a broad focus on business and societal challenges of the 21st century. As such we have a full portfolio of high-quality disciplinary and interdisciplinary research and education that has equipped generations of professionals and leaders in the private sector and beyond.

Located at Frederiksberg, Denmark, the school has approx. 21.000 full and part-time students, 760 full-time faculty members, 210 PhD students and 680 administrative staff, and a full portfolio of Bachelor, Master’s, MBA/EMBA, PhD and Executive programmes delivered in English and Danish.

Our global profile carries the obligation to develop the transformational capabilities of students, graduates and business leaders via our educational activities and opportunities for lifelong learning. Complex challenges call for joint action, and therefore our strategy focuses on strengthening current and starting new partnerships with other sciences, the business community, authorities and civil society.

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