PhD General Call Political Science Winter 2022

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Job Type: FullTime
Deadline: 03 Feb 2022

A number of PhD positions are available at the PhD programme in Political Science. You may apply with a freestanding project of your own choice or with a project description that relates to the specific project outlined below. The majority of positions available are intended for freestanding projects.

Applicants should specify in the application whether they are interested in the specific project outlined below.

Centre for the Experimental-Philosophical study of Discrimination (CEPDISC)

CEPDISC studies discrimination from an experimental-philosophical perspective. It asks three main research questions: 1) What is discrimination and what forms of discrimination exist? 2) What are the moral objections to discrimination? 3) What are the psychological mechanisms behind discrimination and what can and should be done, given these mechanisms, to mitigate discrimination?

These research questions are studied in 9 work packages. A PhD project could either relate to one or more specific work-packages or it could be a free-standing project. In the latter case, the applicant should make sure that it is clear from the application how the proposed project relates to CEPDISC’s main research aims.

For more information of work packages and current research/activities, please consult our website here .

The call is open for any project that deals with one or more of CEPDISC's three main research questions. CEPDISC’s research is grounded in either philosophical analysis or experimental (or other relevant quantitative) methods, or, ideally, a combination of both.

Applicants should specify whether they are specifically interested in working with a particular sub-project/work package or whether they are applying for a project that falls outside the sub-projects.

Your qualifications

We expect the successful applicant to have a master’s degree in either political science, social psychology, sociology, philosophy or related areas. The right candidate must have experience with or at least a strong interest in conducting empirical and experimental social science and/or a strong interest in theoretical, philosophical, political or psychological perspectives on discrimination.

Who are we

Centre for the Experimental-Philosophical Study of Discrimination (CEPDISC) is part of the Department of Political Science at Aarhus University. CEPDISC - is a centre of excellence devoted the experimental-philosophical study of discrimination and funded for a six-year period by the Danish National Research Foundation. For more information please visit our website:

For further information about this project, please contact Professor Kasper Lippert-Rasmussen, email:
Formal requirements

You can read more about how to apply in the application guide  and find the rules and regulations of the PhD education here .
The following criteria are decisive in the assessment of the candidates:

  • the applicant’s academic qualifications (assessed on the basis of the qualifying degree)
  • the quality and relevance of the project proposal
  • the applicant’s level of academic aptitude and assessed ability to complete the project within the framework of the PhD programme

You can read more about the assessment procedure and committees appointed by the dean here . Please note that for applications to the programme for Psychology and Behavioural Science, the criteria for assessment are specified here

Applicants are very much encouraged to supply documentation as to how they rank compared to their class (both Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees). This may for example be in the form of a letter from your University stating either how you rank as an individual student compared to other students the year you graduated ("ranks as no. 6 out of 111" or "ranks as among the best 8 percent") or if that is not possible, general information from your University as to how grades were distributed in the year of your graduation, will be appreciated.

Please note that Aarhus BSS Graduate School reserves the right to evaluate the applications on the basis of the documentation received before deadline, and you will not necessarily be asked for further documentation. Furthermore, Aarhus BSS Graduate School reserves the right to reject application that do not comply with the limitations as stated in the application guide (see link above).

All interested candidates are encouraged to apply irrespective of personal background.
Aarhus University

Aarhus University is an academically diverse and research-intensive university with a strong commitment to high-quality research and education and the development of society nationally and globally. The university offers an inspiring research and teaching environment to its 39,000 students, including 1,800 PhD students, and 8,000 employees, and has an annual revenues of EUR 884 million. Learn more about the PhD programmes at Aarhus University at .

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