PhD Studentship in Finance

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Job Type: FullTime
Deadline: 31 May 2021


We are inviting students from around the world to join our full-time PhD program in Finance.

In the Department of Accounting and Finance at the University of Cyprus, we strive to attain the highest level of academic excellence in teaching and research in pursuit of our goal of producing graduates and researchers who reflect the institution’s high-quality standards. Our PhD graduates in Finance have been placed in leading European Universities such as Warwick, Essex, Southampton, Durham, Aston and AUEB).  You can visit our webpage regarding the placement of PhDs:

The University of Cyprus aims to establish itself as a Pioneer Research Institution achieving International Scientific Recognition in European Higher Education, offering Competitive Programs and to become a Centre of Excellence in the wider Euro - Mediterranean Region.

In this context, the University believes that education must provide more than simply accumulation of knowledge. It must also encourage the students' active participation in the process of learning and acquisition of those values necessary for responsible involvement in the community. The University sets high standards for all branches of scholarship.

The Department’s research is ranked among the top 40 Universities in Europe and among the top 150 in the World in Finance research (ASU rankings – top 4 finance journals).  Faculty hold PhDs from leading Universities worldwide (e.g. Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Wharton, Northwestern, Pennsylvania State, Kansas, George Washington, University of Florida, etc)  and have succeeded in publishing in top journals in the field. Research is promoted and funded for its contribution to scholarship.

Description of Doctoral Program

During the first year, you will complete a portfolio of advanced graduate-level courses and seminars covering finance and accounting theory, econometric and statistical methods and research methodology. Following the coursework, you will be required to successfully complete written comprehensive exams and then on, continue with the doctoral thesis, leading up to the final defense of the thesis in the ‘viva’ exam.

As a PhD student, you will participate in the research activities of the department and will have many opportunities for networking with our international partners and attending workshops and conferences. We provide an excellent research environment for our PhD students, including dedicated office space, access to many specialized datasets and databases, including WRDS, Compustat, CRSP, I/B/E/S, as well as scientific computing facilities and IT support. In addition, you will have the opportunity to gain an international perspective by studying abroad at partner schools (including many in the UK and the U.S.).

Scholarships/Research Positions

We offer up to five PhD scholarships/research positions to outstanding students from all nationalities. The scholarships cover 80%-100% of the tuition fees, and include also allowance of approximately €1000 per month before the Comprehensive exams and approximately €1200 after the Comprehensive exams for a ten-month period (i.e., about €10,000 and €12,000, respectively). We also provide annual funding for international conferences (approx. €1000 per year). This is granted on an annual basis and renewed for up to a maximum five year period, subject to satisfactory performance. The above may change, subject to University or Departmental approval.

Admission Criteria

A master’s degree from an accredited university with a grade of at least ‘Very Good’ or Upper Second. Priority though will be given to those applicants with 1st Class honors degrees in both their Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees. We encourage students from all disciplines to apply for admission (among those, any Science disciplines, e.g. Computer Science, Engineering, Mathematics, Statistics, Physics, Chemistry, etc, beyond disciplines in Finance, Accounting, Economics). Currently, the majority of our PhD students hold both BSc and MSc degrees from Science disciplines.

Cyprus is a European Union Member State and during the admission process the university gives equal opportunities to all applicants, regardless of nationality.  Applications are electronic and announcements are made twice a year (deadline is May 31st for the semester starting September).  To apply, please visit the UCY Graduate School website:

More Info:

Academic Director: Prof. A.Charitou and Prof. L.Trigeorgis, +35722893624,

Secretariat: E.Tsinti, +35722893605,, +35722893641,

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