PhD in Energy, Environment and Atmospheric Sciences

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Job Type: FullTime
Deadline: 15 Sep 2022

The position will be associated with the Marie Curie International Training Network CLOUD-DOC that focuses on utilizing the CLOUD facility in CERN for collecting on aerosol and cloud microphysics. The data will be utilized to develop and evaluate models simulating atmospheric processes and addressing questions related to climate evolution and air quality.

CLOUD focuses on understanding atmospheric nucleation, which is an important source of aerosol particles in the atmosphere. These particles can influence cloud microphysics through acting as seeds for cloud droplets. Clouds, in turn, can influence atmospheric chemistry particle formation processes through e.g. their role in transporting trace gases from the Earth’s surface to the upper troposphere or influencing the atmospheric radiative balance.

The PhD project will be focused on the climate impacts of new particle formation in the upper troposphere (UT) over the Asian monsoon and tropical rain forest regions. The research will be based on development and application of the EMAC Earth System Model. The aim will be to quantify the effects of synergistic multi-acid nucleation (from CLOUD measurements) with convective transport of ammonia over the Asian monsoon region, as well as aerosol cloud and radiation interactions following nucleation of biogenic compounds based on CLOUD parameterisations over the tropical rain forest.

The candidate will be trained to use and develop complex global chemistry and climate model codes, including the use of national super-computers, parallel programming for high performance computing, big data analysis, model version control, debugging, and visualisation.

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