POST DOCTORATE CANDIDATE, full time job, for a certain period of time

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Job Type: FullTime
Deadline: 19 Mar 2021

POST DOCTORATE CANDIDATE, full time job, for a certain period of time

In the interdisciplinary scientific field, the scientific field of Biotechnology in Biomedicine, in the Organic Chemistry Department (one employee)

On the project IP-2018-01-4682 „New bonds of purine bioizosters for the recognition of antitumor and anti pathological activities PurBioCaPa“ HrZZ, for a limited time of one year.

Special conditions:

A minimum of 5 years work experience in a laboratory; knowledge of work methods with cell cultures in vitro, research of potential medicine and natural bonds, knowledge of isolation methods, purification and seperation of biological molecules; experience in characterization and identification of biological molecules and natural bonds by using spectroscopy of masses; scientific publications in this field, communication skills (fluent in English); capable of working in a team (at least one reference letter).

All candidates have to fulfill the conditions set by the Labour Law and the Scientific Research and Higher Education Law, and along with their application they should submit the following: a CV, a copy of their diploma, a birth certificate of proof of citizenship, a document proving the candidate is not under investigation nor is subject to prosecution (not older than 6 months), a record of years of employment from the Croatian Pension Fund.

Foreign nationals have to submit proof that they are fluent in Croatian (C2 level) according to the Common European Framework regarding languages and the verified foreign diploma statement issued by the Sciences and Higher Education Agency or a statement that they have submitted their diploma for verification to the afore mentioned Agency.

Candidates who are granted an advantage according to the Croatian Homeland War Veterans and members of their family Law (NN 121/17 and 98/19, art. 102. and 103.) are obliged to call upon their right and submit proof of their special status by which they have this right as opposed to the remaining candidates that are all treated equally.

The processing of personal data is necessary during the hiring process. The date is kept confidential during the process and for as long as the law requires us to do so.

The results of the job hiring process will be published on the official website of the Faculty of Chemical Engineering and Technology, University of Zagreb ( ).

Any complaints in regard to the results of the process can be submitted in written form by mail within 15 days of the announcement on the official website of the Faculty.

A hand signed application letter should be sent to the below mentioned address in written form by mail within 30 days of the announcement published in the Narodne Novine newspaper.



10000 ZAGREB, Marulic Square 19

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