Contest point 1 – Doctoral Student

Updated: 9 months ago
Deadline: 20 Dec 2019

Prerequisites for Appointment to Assistant Position: In addition to the general conditions for employment, applicants must meet the requirements stipulated in Article 43 in the Scientific Activity and Higher Education Act and the following additional criteria:

  • masters degree (graduate or integrated study of chemistry, research programme)
  • the total average of the grades at the previous levels of study (undergraduate, graduate or integrated study) which provides for enrollment in doctoral studies ( inorganic and structural chemistry)

Additional criteria:

The candidate should be able to demonstrate:

  • recognized excellence in study and research through relevant awards and specific achievements
  • participation in scientific research, experience in the characterization of oxide glasses and glass-ceramics, published papers, personal presentations at scientific conferences
  • the tendency for experimental work and the application of complex instrumental techniques
  • active knowledge of written and spoken English

Applications should include: resume, appropriate diploma or certificate of completion of the study, a transcript of passed courses and GPA, e-mail contact of at least one person for a recommendation, and other evidence that the conditions and additional criteria are fulfilled. Appointment to an Assistant position is for a temporary period of 5 years, with a probationary period of 6 months. Doctoral students are required to enrol in doctoral study. If the assistant candidate has already been employed in a state-funded workplace, the employment will be based on the remaining five years.

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