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Updated: 3 months ago
Job Type: FullTime
Deadline: 17 Aug 2021

Candidates who may fulfil the right of advantage upon admission to the public service, as prescribed by the Article 102 of the Act on Croatian Homeland War Veterans and Their Family Members (Official Gazette 121/17), the Article 48.f of the Act on Protection of Military and Civilian Disabled War Victims (Official Gazette 33/92, 77/92, 27/93, 58/93, 2/94, 76/94, 108/95, 108/96, 82/01, 94/01, 103/03 and148/13), and the Article 9. of the Act on Professional Rehabilitation and Employment of Disabled Persons (Official Gazette 157/13 and 152/14), must refer to that right in their application as they consequently have, solely under equal conditions, the right of advantage regarding other candidates.

Candidates who refer to the right of advantage upon applying for a position in accordance with the article 102 of the Act on Croatian Homeland War Veterans and Their Family Members, must submit, along with their application, the proof of fulfilment of the required conditions and all other necessary evidence available at the following link on the Ministry of Croatian Veteran's website: .

Applicants fulfilling the conditions might be called for an interview. If the applicants do not respond to the interview, it will be considered as a withdrawal of their application.

By applying to this call for applications, applicants consent to gathering, usage, and further processing of their data by the University of Zadar in compliance with regulations of personal data protection, for the purposes of executing the call.

Deadline for application is 30 days from the date of publication of the call for applications in the Official Gazette.

The University reserves the right to cancel a call for applications without specifying the reason.

Late and incomplete applications shall not be taken into consideration.

The election process will be completed within the legally bound period and the applicants will be notified about the chosen candidate within 8 days from the completion of the election process in the section „Natječaji“ on the University of Zadar's web page.

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