ASSISTANT Ph. D candidate of the Croatian Science Fund, associate teaching position, for a limited...

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Job Type: FullTime
Deadline: 12 Jul 2021

ASSISTANT Ph. D candidate of the Croatian Science Fund, associate teaching position, for a limited period of time, full time job

On the Career Development of Young Researchers Project – the education of new Ph D graduates (DOK-2021-02)

Providing that they have enrolled into a Ph. D study program in the field of technical sciences, branch of Chemical Engineering

In the Thermodynamics, Mechanical Engineering and Energy Department (one employee)

All candidates have to fulfill the conditions regulated by the Labour Law and the Scientific Research and Higher Education Law and along with their application they should include the following: a resume, a copy of their diploma, a certificate of their grade average during their studies which ensures they are eligible to enroll into the PhD program, proof of their awards, their achievements in scientific research and their studies and other proof of the participation in scientific research, a list of published papers and certificates of international conferences they took part in as the presenters of scientific research, their birth certificate (or other document proving they have citizenship), a certificate stating they are not under investigation for any misdemeanour and that they have no criminal record (not older than 6 months).

The foreign nationals have to provide proof of their fluency in Croatian at C2 level according to the Common European Framework for Languages and the certificate that their foreign diploma has been verified by the Sciences and Higher Education Agency or a certificate proving they submitted their diploma to the before mentioned agency for verification.

Candidates that are entitled to an advantage in gaining the job position have to provide evidence of their entitled status according to the Croatian Homeland War Veterans Law and members of their family by which they are entitled to the advantage in comparison to the remaining candidates. (NN 121/17 and 98/19, article 102. and 103.)

The processing of personal data is necessary during the hiring process. The data will be held confidential until the hiring process is over, or until it is mandatory to do so by law.

The results of the hiring process will be published on the official website of the Faculty of Chemical Engineering and Technology of the University of Zagreb ( ).

Any complaints due to the results of the hiring process can be submitted in writing and sent by mail within 15 days of the results having been published on the official Faculty website.

A signed application should be sent to the below address in written form by mail, within 30 days of the announcement in the Narodne Novine official gazette.



10000 ZAGREB, Marulic Square 19

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