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Deadline: 01 Sep 2023

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Likely in September 2023
Annual Value
$30,000 per annum for two years, $2,000 allowance for research-related travel during the 24 months of the scholarship, and tuition
Permanent Resident
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The Killam Scholarship and Prize Programmes were established in memory of Izaak Walton Killam through the Will of his wife, Dorothy J. Killam, and through gifts made during her lifetime. Their primary purpose is to support advanced education and research at five Canadian universities and the Canada Council for the Arts. The UBC Killam Doctoral Scholarships are provided annually from the Izaak Walton Killam Memorial Fund for Advanced Studies. It was Mrs. Killam's desire that those selected to receive scholarships: "Be likely to contribute to the advancement of learning or to win distinction in a profession. A Killam scholar should not be a one-sided person... Special distinction of intellect should be founded upon sound character."

Killam Doctoral Scholarships are the most prestigious awards available to graduate students at UBC. Approximately 25 awards are offered each year to the top doctoral candidates in the Affiliated Fellowships competition . At present, the Killam Doctoral Scholarship provides an annual stipend valued at $30,000 for two years plus a $2,000 allowance for research-related travel during the 24 months of the scholarship*.

*Killam Doctoral Scholarships awardees on the UBC-Vancouver campus also become Four Year Fellowship holders and receive additional tuition funding from the 4YF program if they are eligible.



To be eligible to apply for Killam Doctoral Scholarship funding, applicants must have completed no more than 24 months of doctoral study as of the start date of the scholarship. Therefore, applicants to the 2023-2024 competition must have completed no more than 24 months of doctoral study as of 1 September 2023.

Evaluation Criteria

Evaluated via Affiliated Fellowships-Doctoral award competition . Top students in the Affiliated Fellowships-Doctoral award competition are awarded Killam Doctoral Scholarships.

Application Procedures

The Killam Doctoral Scholarships are part of the Affiliated Fellowships-Doctoral award competition.  To be considered for the Killam Doctoral Scholarships, you must apply for the Affiliated Fellowships-Doctoral award competition .

Nomination Procedures

Nominated via the Affiliated Fellowships-Doctoral award competition .

Adjudication Procedures

Adjudicated via the Affiliated Fellowships-Doctoral award competition .

Meet Award Holders

Ben Nadeau

Doctor of Philosophy in Chemistry (PhD)

First-row transition metal catalysis

Elise Ng-Cordell

Doctor of Philosophy in Psychology (PhD)

The development and impact of co-occurring anxiety and ADHD in autism

Allie Slemon

Doctor of Philosophy in Nursing (PhD)

An institutional ethnography of nurses’ integration of an equity-oriented care intervention in an emergency department setting

Anne-Cécile Delaisse

Doctor of Philosophy in Rehabilitation Sciences (PhD)

The transnational practices and sense of belonging of recent Vietnamese immigrants in France and Canada

Shunya Yagi

Doctor of Philosophy in Neuroscience (PhD)

Sex differences in adult neurogenesis and learning&memory

Roland Nadler

Doctor of Philosophy in Law (PhD)

Reconciling Democracy and Technocracy in the Age of Courtroom Neuroscience

Amelia Hesketh

Doctor of Philosophy in Zoology (PhD)

Potential impacts of ocean acidification on the Pacific oyster, Crassostrea gigas

Jacob Stubbs

Doctor of Philosophy in Experimental Medicine (PhD)

CoBrA Community Brain Art Initiative: Co-created brain health promotion with the Downtown Eastside community

Megan Thomas

Doctor of Philosophy in Pharmaceutical Sciences (PhD)

Addressing equity considerations in research and care of patients with inflammatory arthritis

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Further Information

The Killam Laureates website provides information about Killam programs across Canada and information about the original donors, Izaak Walton and Dorothy J. Killam.

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