Post-doctoral Fellowship in Stable Isotope Geochemistry

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Deadline: 30 Apr 2020

This post-doctoral project aims at determining the detailed response of the deep western tropical Atlantic to the shutdown/marked slowdown events of the Atlantic meridional overturning circulation during the last two glacial periods. The selected candidate will analyze the following main proxies in marine sediments: (i) stable carbon and oxygen isotopic composition of benthic foraminifera; (ii) neodymium isotopic composition of authigenic phases; and (iii) radiocarbon age of benthic and planktonic foraminifera. The selected candidate will be based at the Arts, Sciences and Humanities School of the University of São Paulo, in São Paulo city, Brazil.


Experience in stable isotope geochemistry applied to foraminifera; at least one-year experience in the operation of an isotopic ratio mass spectrometer MAT253 coupled to a carbonate preparation unit KIelIV (the post-doc will operate these devices); excellent English communication skills.


This opportunity is open to candidates of any nationalities. Interested candidates should apply via email to  with the title “Candidate for postdoctoral fellowship in Stable Isotope Geochemistry”. The following documents should compose the application: (i) one-page cover letter in English describing the candidate’s scientific interests and career objectives; (ii) curriculum vitae with publications list; and (iii) one recommendation letter.

The selected candidate will receive a Post-Doctoral fellowship from the São Paulo Research Foundation (FAPESP) in the amount of R$ 7,373.10 monthly and a research contingency fund, equivalent to 15% of the annual value of the fellowship which should be spent in items directly related to the research activity.
More information about the fellowship is at: .

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