Post-doctoral Fellowship in Particle Physics

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Deadline: 06 Oct 2019

The Nuclear and Energy Research Institute (IPEN) in São Paulo, Brazil is looking for a post-doctoral fellow to develop research on Laser Plasma Acceleration of particles, as part of the IPEN-conducted project “Laser particle acceleration in the program Scientific, technological and infrastructure Developments in radiopharmaceuticals and entrepreneurship to the service of health”. The project is linked to the Institutional Developing Program – PDIP, which is partially funded by the São Paulo Research Foundation (FAPESP).

This project team consists of a group that includes researchers from IPEN, USP, ITA, and an international collaboration with the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, whose lines of research are focused on the development of compact laser particle accelerators (electrons and protons), and the radiations induced by these bundles for use in medicine. The candidate should have experimental familiarity in one or more areas of this activity, which involves the following areas:

• Lasers; or
• Lasers induced plasma, in solids, liquids or gases; o
• Experience in production of gas and liquid targets for plasma with density profile controlled and adjustable, measurable; or
• Target preparation with adjustable an controlled density profile; or
• Detection of the beams of particles formed in these laser-plasma interaction with their characterization of divergences and dispersion of energy.

In particular, it is intended to accelerate electrons and/or protons to achieve kinetic energies of a tens of MeV, being this the main objective of this stage of the research. Detection methods should be developed.

The results of this research including the establishment of detectors and equipment dedicated to the experiments, will be presented in the form of seminars, internal and in conferences, symposia and other scientific forms of presentation, as well as the writing of scientific articles and patents in order to publicize the results of the research.

The postdoc fellowship is designed to develop a specific project on the theme “Laser proton/electron accelerators and their applications”.

Fellowship conditions

The opportunity is open for Brazilian and foreign candidates. It is recommended that the applicant holds a PhD in areas that use lasers and associated instrumentation with a history of publication and good performance in the area; good spoken and written English is needed.

The work will be developed at Instituto de Pesquisas Energéticas e Nucleares – IPEN, in the University of São Paulo campus located in São Paulo city.

The selected person will receive a FAPESP scholarship that corresponds to an amount of R$ 7,373.10, paid monthly.
The grant also includes an installation assistance for researchers who need to move to the city of São Paulo, Brazil, home of the leader institution of the project, located in Cidade Universitária, USP campus, city of São Paulo, Brazil.

The grant duration is 18 months.

For implementation of the fellowship a dedication of 40 hours/week during business hours will be required. Details on Aid Installation and more information about the scholarship: .

One person will be selected for the scholarship.

Documentation for registration

1. Curriculum Vitae;
2. MyCitation (Google Scholar).

Contact and deadline registration

The applicant must submit the documentation above via e-mail to: with the title: “Grant – Post-doctoral fellowships – LASER – LPA”.

The deadline for submission is October 6th , 2019 until 17h (BRST). Subsequent entries will not be accepted.

For questions and additional information about the Research Program, please contact Dr. Nilson Dias Vieira Jr. at .

Selective process

The selection of candidates will be held by analysis of the curriculum, publications, profile and the candidate’s career, as well as its adherence to the project's research lines will be evaluated. To this end, the applicant must submit a brief project with a maximum of 2 pages, A4 size, 1.5 spacing and font size 11, describing how their past activities will contribute to the goals of this Laser acceleration project.

Disclosure of results

The result will be announced on the IPEN website on October 11th, 2019. 

The result will be announced in order of classification ranking in the selection process. The ranking of candidates will be considered for the waiting list effect.

If the candidate with the highest score does not present conditions for implementation of the grant, the second will be called and so on until the vacancy is filled.

The decision of the Selection Committee will be taken on a definitive basis and must not be appealed.

More information about the fellowship is at: .

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