Level 4A-Technical Training Fellowship in Hydroclimatology

Updated: 5 months ago
Deadline: 28 Apr 2019

We need a professional to work in a team of Hydroclimatology at the University of São Paulo (USP), with the purpose to serve on tasks of information technology in activities designed to organize Earth system observational measures, improvements in simulations processes with computational models, statistical and physical (atmosphere and hydrology). It is expected the knowledge and experience with scientific computational languages, since Fortran, C++ to Pyton and R. The fellowship TT-4A requires a 4 years experience after graduation, preferentially for those in hard sciences. The activities will be developed at the campus of Cidade Universitária, São Paulo. To apply please send Curriculum Vitae by email.

More information about the fellowship is at: fapesp.br/oportunidades/2826 .

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