Level 3-Technical Training Fellowship in Environmental and Health Economics

Updated: 5 months ago
Deadline: 20 Oct 2019

One technical training opportunity (level three) is available to work in the state of Acre, North of Brazil. The trainee will be responsible for managing the application of surveys in the cities of Rio Branco and Cruzeiro do Sul, with teams comprising undergraduate students and community health workers.

About the project

Agricultural fires and forest fires are among the main sources of emissions of greenhouse gases and pollutants in the Brazilian Amazon. The agri-environmental policy in vigour has proved limited to contain fires, a gap that tends to be expanded by the current trends of a regional climate more favorable to the spread of fire and the reduction of the public budget for environmental protection. The research aims to contribute to increase the efficiency and equity with which the current policy instruments affect emissions from fires. To this end, multiple potential public policy improvements will be evaluated, first based on a cost-effectiveness analysis, which will combine techniques of (i) inference of individual preferences and (ii) statistical modeling of the health impacts of fires. In addition, a long-term analysis of the social distribution of costs and benefits generated by policy will be conducted, through the computational simulation of governmental and private decisions. This double methodological framework is innovative for integrating non-market valuation, remote sensing and statistical techniques, connecting efficiency and equity, supply and demand for environmental services and short and long term perspectives. Two Amazon states will be studied, Acre and Mato Grosso. 

More information about the fellowship is at: fapesp.br/oportunidades/3178 .

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