Direct Doctorate Fellowship in Materials Science

Updated: 8 months ago
Deadline: 22 Nov 2019

The Thematic Project (2017/13769-1) has a PhD position for the development of the project: "Growth and characterization of ferroelectric single crystals".

The objectives are to achieve significant qualitative and quantitative advances in the growth and characterization of physical properties of Pb-based and lead-free ferroelectric single crystals. Volumetric and/or fiber-shaped single crystals will be produced by melting using the Bridgman vertical and/or micro pulling-down techniques for potential applications in energy harvesting (electromechanical, photovoltaic, magnetetoelectric, electro-optical, etc.).

The multidisciplinary team belonging to the Thematic Project is formed by researchers from several Brazilian research groups and institutions, that has an adequate infrastructure/equipments for developing of the all the necessary steps for the growth and characterization of the crystals produced in this project.

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