PhD researcher: Deradicalizing the City

Updated: about 2 months ago
Deadline: 01 Jun 2021

The question of ‘urban security’ has undergone a series of transformations after the Islamist terrorist attacks targeting various European metropoles since 2004 and 2005 (Madrid and London), and in particular in the recent wave of attacks from 2015 onwards (Paris, Brussels, Nice, Manchester, Barcelona, Berlin). Urban security has gradually shifted from holding a privileged focus on questions of delinquency and urban violence, to adopt a broader focus that also started including questions of terrorism and ‘home-grown radicalization’. 

The  IMMRC at KU Leuven is looking for one PhD candidate to participate in the research project “Deradicalization and the Multicultural City. Security, urban policy and everyday life in Brussels and Marseille” which comprises several researchers and a collaboration with the Groupe de Recherche sur les relations Ethniques, les Migrations et l'Egalité (GERME) at ULB. This research project is one of the first projects that seeks to examine the implementation of these policies at a local level and to understand their everyday effects on the targeted neighbourhood. It also complements an ongoing research project funded by the KU Leuven that looks at the implementation of these policies in Brussels and the EU and aims to develop arts-based research methods.

The PhD researcher who will be recruited for this project will conduct ethnographic fieldwork in Marseille (France) and will hold a joint appointment at IMMRC at KU Leuven and the GERME at ULB. This research project entails long-term ethnographic fieldwork in Marseille, with a particular focus on specific neighbourhoods that have been subjected to these security policies. Additionally, the candidate will also have to contextualise these distinct policies by equally attending to the national French context as well as the regional and departmental contexts of Marseille, in addition to its urban specificities. 


·       Conduct ethnographic field research;

·       Write and complete a PhD dissertation 

·       Collaborate with supervisors and peers on research and publications 

·       Participate in conferences, workshops, seminars and other scholarly activities;

·       Participate in the PhD programme at KU Leuven and the ULB

·       10% teaching (contingent upon availability)

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