PhD position in Ore Geology

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Deadline: 16 Aug 2021

Title: Multiple mineralization and fluid phases in the Central African Copperbelt: implications for the age dating of the ore-forming processesVarious models have been proposed for the ore-forming processes of sediment-hosted Cu-Co deposits in the Central African Copperbelt, ranging from a magmatic to syn-sedimentary, diagenetic and orogenic origin or a multiphase origin. The isotopic systems Re-Os and U-Pb have been applied with success to date the mineralizing processes in the Copperbelt. However, a problem with this approach is the wide and sometimes geologically unrealistic ages obtained by Re-Os and U-Pb dating of the ore minerals. The large range in mineralization ages reported for the Cu-Co ore deposits in the Copperbelt can be due to a variety of geological processes. They could reflect: 1) multiple mineralization phases, as described for both the Congolese and Zambian part of the Copperbelt, 2) remobilization and recrystallization during subsequent fluid flow events, and 3) resetting of the isotopic system during later heating or fluid flow periods. The aim of this research is to: 1) characterize petrographically and geochemically the different mineralization, remobilization and recrystallization phases, 2) to propose objective criteria to distinguish these different phases and 3) to age date (U-Pb) the different carbonate phases associated with both barren as well as mineralized phases.    

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