PhD-fellowship - "L’interculturalité de la littérature néerlandophone contemporaine à l’épreuve de...

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Deadline: 30 Aug 2019

The selected candidate will work on a doctoral research project entitled « L’interculturalité de la littérature néerlandophone contemporaine à l’épreuve de ses récits ‘hétérolingues’. Etude d’une production littéraire à langues autres et de ses enjeux pour un univers social partagé » and funded by a Special Research Grant of the UCLouvain.

This project aims to study how a contemporary 'heterolingual' literature written in Dutch, reflecting the interpenetration of foreign languages into the text, contributes to the abolition of linguistic and cultural borders and rethinks its relationship with other communities. On the basis of a corpus of prototypical texts in prose, independent of ethnic or geographical origin, the first objective will be to establish an integrated textual analysis model, examining discursive strategies, narratological devices, aesthetic particularities and ethical issues. The study will contribute to a better understanding of the creative language experience that, in Dutch-speaking cultural representations, accompanied the societal hybridization of the late 20th and early 21st century.

This research will be conducted over a maximum period of 4 years (after 2 years, once renewable) under the supervision of Prof. Matthieu Sergier (UCL/USL-B) and Prof. Stéphanie Vanasten (UCL), in collaboration with their research groups and networks. The selected candidate will participate in workshops, seminars and conferences in the field of the project. His/her research will complete a doctoral degree.

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