Doctoral Researcher

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Job Type: FullTime
Deadline: 31 May 2021

Despite the fact that ESG investing, climate change (CC), and sustainable finance have gained increasing research attention in recent decades, some relevant questions remain unanswered. The proposed research projects have two main research agendas. In the first agenda, the goal is to address the broad research question of how CC risk management is governed at the firm-level. The project will explore the role of firm specific governance mechanisms, such as ownership structure and executive compensation, in managing a firm’s CC risk. Specifically, the relationship between CC performance and firm ownership structure, and the relationship between CC management and compensation will be studied. In the second research agenda, the project’s goal is to examine what determines investments in sustainability at the individual level. This research will apply experimental finance research methods to study research questions, such as: whether or what non-cognitive abilities of individuals (e.g., emotional stability, conscientiousness) drive their investments in sustainable stocks, funds, or bonds? While setting up the experiment, this research could also be extended to include other hot and relevant investment topics such as investing in blockchain-related assets. In this context, the research question would be whether or what non-cognitive abilities of individuals drive their investments in crypto currencies, non-fungible tokens or other blockchain related instruments. Adding the latter question would let us examine the trade-off between different markets (financial markets vs. blockchain) in order to contribute to the understanding of how capital is allocated in these markets.

Job description:• You will follow the doctoral programme in Business Economics at the faculty of Economics and Business from KU Leuven.• You will prepare a doctoral dissertation (PhD.) at the Finance research group of KU Leuven, under the supervision of Dr. Naciye Sekerci. • You will be able to participate in national and international conferences where you can present your research.You are expected to attend, participate in seminars and will occasionally be involved in teaching activities, including the supervision of master theses.

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