Senior Scientist (Doctorate/PhD)

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Job Type: FullTime
Deadline: 31 Jan 2022

Start date/duration
  • 01.02.2022
  • for 6 years, possibility for a permanent position depending on requirement and performance evaluation

Job profile:

Senior Scientist with PhD (40 hours/week), Department of Zoology, from 01.02.2022 to 31.01.2028, extension possible. Job description: Scientific management of an electron microscopical facility with large equipment (energy filter transmission electron microscope and serial block face imaging scanning electron microscope); supervision of interfaculty electron microscopical and histological collaboration, and of translational projects in medical diagnostics; participation in research and admininstration in the research unit Evolutionary Developmental Biology; independent research and publications in the field ultrastructure and histology of cells, tissues and organisms; 3D reconstructions; teaching and supervision of students (including bachelor theses) in the research areas imaging, electron microscopy and histology; initial training and safety instructions for electron microscopy and histology; preparation of reports; presentation of results in national and international conferences; acquisition of research funding. Required qualification: PhD in Zoology or related discipline; extensive experience with histological, cell biological and electron microscopical methods, especially with (ultra)microtomes, preparation techniques for scanning electron microscopy, fixing, staining and contrasting techniques; experience in independent service and upkeep of an electron microscopical facility; knowledge and experience in histology, anatomy and biology of invertebrates and vertebrates are desirable. High motivation, pronounced ability for trouble shooting, flexibility; independence and willingness for collaboration. Excellent command of the English and German language, or willingness to acquire German in a reasonable time is desirable. Team and communication abilities, conflict management.


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The University of Innsbruck is committed to raising the quota of female employees and therefore explicitly welcomes applications from qualified female scientists. In the case of female underrepresentation women with equal qualifications will be given priority.

In accordance with Austrian disability laws qualified people with special requirements are expressly encouraged to apply for jobs. For more information please contact the trusted representative for scientists with a disability at the University of Innsbruck, Dr. Adolf Sandbichler.

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