Women in Leadership Scholarship (AGSM MBA Program) PGCA1040, University of New South Wales

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To encourage female applicants to undertake the AGSM MBA Full Time Program at the Australian School of Business.
There are no residency requirements.
The scholarship has a value of up to $25,000 and will be applied towards tuition fees over the duration of the AGSM MBA Full Time program.
Applicants must be proposing to undertake study in the AGSM MBA Full Time program, Class of 2012 (January 2011 intake), at the Australian School of Business.
This scholarship is for female applicants only.


Applications for admission to the AGSM MBA full time program will be assessed by the AGSM MBA Recruitment and Admissions Team.
Based on this application an application form will be forwarded to eligible candidates inviting them to apply for the Women in Leadership Scholarship by addressing the following criteria below:
� Outstanding business/ entrepreneurial leadership experience.
In what ways have you acted as a mentor/role model to others, in particular women?
� Strong mentoring skills.
A recent focus group noted that a number of barriers stand between women and completing an MBA full time. What do you believe are the barriers and how would you recommend that these barriers be overcome?
NB: This scholarship is managed by the AGSM

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No application required (alternate selection criteria apply).
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