The Centre for Clinical Research in Emergency Medicine Top Up Scholarship, University of Western Australia (UWA)

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The Centre for Clinical Research in Emergency Medicine Top Up Scholarship
  • The Centre for Clinical Research in Emergency Medicine (CCREM) is offering a top up PhD scholarship for a highly talented student with a keen interest in immunology and/or molecular biology to join our group and contribute to the research project below.  Receipt of the top up scholarship is contingent on the candidate achieving 1st Class Honours and receiving either a UPA or APA from UWA, and an interview with your proposed PhD supervisors (Professor Simon Brown and Research Assistant Professor Shelley Stone). The successful candidate will join a world class research centre based at the Western Australian Institute for Medical Research (WAIMR) at Royal Perth Hospital. The project will focus on the use of microarray technology for identification of potential biomarkers and validation of results by quantitative PCR and protein analysis (ELISA, CBA).

  • PhD Project Description: Differential Gene Expression during Human Sepsis

  • Severe sepsis is deadly, with a case fatality rate of approximately 25%. Why some patients with an infection progress to develop shock, whilst others survive, is incompletely understood but is almost certainly associated with both the level of infection (bacterial load) and variable host leukocyte responses. The majority of current research into biomarkers of sepsis occurs in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU), with samples collected several hours after initial presentation, which may result in the importance of some biomarkers being overlooked. Patients enrolled in this study have been recruited in the Emergency Department (ED) at Royal Perth Hospital as part of the Critical Illness and Shock Study (CISS). The samples we have collected are unique as we are able to collect blood samples as soon as the patient arrives in the ED, as well as longitudinal samples in both the ED and ICU.

  • The aim of this study is to improve our understanding of the underlying pathophysiological mechanisms associated with adverse outcome in sepsis, by investigating regulation of gene expression and protein levels of potential biomarkers in patients presenting with early sepsis and determining whether these correlate with outcome, specifically the development of organ failure. We will also investigate whether different types of sepsis (e.g. from gram negative versus gram positive organisms, and bacteraemic versus non-bacteraemic sepsis) are associated with different patterns of immune activation. This will provide a basis for subsequent research to improve the recognition and diagnosis of sepsis in the ED and develop new therapeutic targets for clinical trials.

Available in the Main APA/UPA 2013 Round

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Please see conditions:If you are interested in applying for this top up scholarship, please e-mail your CV and a cover letter outlining your research interests to Research Assistant Professor Shelley Stone are also required to apply using the on-line application system via the "how to apply" link.
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