RSL Queensland Ex-Defence Education & Training Scholarship

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Deadline: 16 Aug 2021

RSL Queensland Ex-Defence Education & Training Scholarship

The Ex-Defence Scholarship provides funding to support education and training to contribute to the employability of ex-serving Defence Members who have experienced difficulty securing employment post their military career; The Ex-Defence Scholarship is a pathway to assist personnel extend upon their military skills to achieve civilian employment post transition and does not guarantee employment.

Scholarship Value: Up to $12,000

Length of Scholarship: Up to three (3) years

Number Available:

Opening Date: 17 August 2020

Closing Date: 16 August 2021

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Study LevelUndergraduate
Year of StudyAny
CitizenshipAustralian Citizen
Study Region Queensland
Study ModeAll modes
Study LoadAll loads

  • Ex-Defence Scholarship eligibility criteria is based on the following:
  • Applicants must demonstrate they are an ex-Defence Member with either operational service or three or more years continuous full-time or other service. The applicant must include a copy of an official document showing the former member’s operational service and the period or periods of continuous full-time service (e.g. Discharge Certificate or Certificate of Service including the enlistment date and if relevant, discharge date).
  • Applicant must have either medically or voluntarily separated from the Australian Defence Force at time of application.
  • Applicant must not be eligible for any other Defence education or training assistance, outside of the Defence Force Transition Program (DFTP) or be receiving any other education / training benefit or scholarship. Any educational benefit obtained through DFTP must be declared at time of application. Successful applicants are required to notify RSL Queensland if they are awarded additional education/ training benefit or scholarship at any point during the term of their RSL Queensland scholarship, including DVA educational benefits.
  • Applicants who have Regular Employment (as defined in Part 9 – Definitions) are not eligible for Ex-Defence Scholarship funding. Extenuating circumstances will be considered in RSL Queensland’s absolute discretion. Applicants must be able to demonstrate employment status.
  • Applicant must be enrolled (or planning to enrol) in an undergraduate, tertiary course or training course of one or more academic years duration provided through a registered TEQSA or an RTO. Study undertaken overseas, outside Australia or with an education provider not based in Australia will not be eligible for scholarship funding. This includes semesters studied abroad organised through an Australian institution. Under certain circumstances and at RSL Queensland’s discretion, short courses will be considered but the scholarship amount will be altered accordingly and postgraduate courses (in the absolute discretion of RSL Queensland) will be considered if the applicant can demonstrate the need for completion to increase employability. Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL), Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) and Master of Philosophy (MPHIL) will not be eligible for scholarship funding.
  • Applicant must demonstrate the employment options which may arise out of the proposed course of study to RSL Queensland’s satisfaction.
  • Applicant must demonstrate hardship or vulnerability either relating to ADF service or since transitioning from ADF. Examples of hardship or vulnerability would be:
  • Ex-Defence Member voluntarily transitioned from ADF into employment but due to circumstances outside of their control, are now unemployed and cannot secure further employment;
  • Ex-Defence Member has been medically separated from the ADF and must acquire a new skill to gain employment that would not be constrained by the injury sustained during service;

  • To apply for the RSL Queensland Ex-Defence Scholarship, you will be required to complete the application form found on the RSL Queenslad website.

    Further information on the scholarship can be found in the Scholarship Guidelines on the website.

    If you need assistance completing the application form, please email RSL Queensland at or call 134 RSL.

    Ongoing Criteria

    In addition to the ongoing eligibility requirements, the successful applicants must:

    • Maintain a minimum average GPA of 4.0 each term
    • Remain enrolled in the course as at Census date of each term (Terms 1 & 2)

    As a donor scholarship recipient, you may be approached to assist with positively promoting the CQUniversity Scholarships program by sharing your experiences as a recipient through media and at events such as Open Day.

    Payment of Scholarship
  • At the time of the scholarship being awarded the Recipient will receive a Scholarship Funding Outline by RSL Queensland. This will confirm the maximum amount of scholarship funding the Recipient is eligible for in each Funding Period. As a general guide only, Recipients may expect to be eligible to access up to half of the annual scholarship amount awarded in each period, i.e. a scholarship awarded for up to $4,000 annually will enable a maximum of $2,000 to be accessed in the first 6 month Funding Period, and upon demonstration of achieving satisfactory marks (50% or higher), Recipients will be eligible to access up to $2,000 in the second 6 month Funding Period.
  • The scholarship Recipient must request pre-approval for the use of scholarship funding. Application of funds is conditional on pre-approval by RSL Queensland.
  • The Recipient pays the course related fees after approval has been granted, and seeks reimbursement from RSL Queensland, within a reasonable time frame, no longer than three months from date of payment to the institution, unless otherwise approved by RSL Queensland. The recipient must provide a copy of the original invoice and an official receipt as evidence that payment has occurred. The expense will be reimbursed to the Recipient’s nominated bank account. RSL Queensland will not accept screen shots or print outs of online banking transactions as evidence of payment.
  • In extenuating circumstances, RSL Queensland may pay course fees direct to an institution on a recipient’s behalf upon receipt of an authorised/official invoice. It is not the responsibility of RSL Queensland to make payments to institutions prior to important dates on the Recipient’s academic calendar, like Census dates. It is the responsibility of the Recipient to ensure invoices for course fees are provided to RSL Queensland with sufficient time for payments to occur and important information regarding the payment is clearly communicated by the applicant. Recipients should allow two weeks from the date of request for payments to be made.
  • Request for reimbursements and payments will only be approved for study within the current Scholarship Funding Period. There is no discretion to approve funding applications for assistance retrospectively.
  • Request for reimbursements for course related uniform items (including shoes) must be pre-approved. Recipients will be entitled to up to $200 reimbursement per Funding Period for uniform items which will be taken from the maximum amount of scholarship funding set out in the Scholarship Funding Outline. Recipients will not be entitled to additional funding for reimbursements for course related uniform items. Reimbursement of shoes will only be permitted once per annum. Recipients will be required to provide evidence of the uniform requirements from their Tertiary provider and only items specific to the course (e.g branded clothing, industry-specific uniforms) will be considered.
  • Invoices or statements issued by the ATO for HECS-HELP/ FEE-HELP loans will not be considered. For the avoidance of doubt, payments by RSL Queensland directly to the provider will only be approved up to the fee due date. No direct payments to the course provider will be approved once the course fees have been accrued to HECS-HELP/ FEEHELP.
  • For recipients who are obliged to repay Ex-Defence Scholarship funds to RSL Queensland pursuant to these guidelines, RSL Queensland will provide written confirmation of the debt, bank details and outline the payment options available.

  • To apply for the RSL Queensland Ex-Defence Scholarship, you will be required to complete the application form found on the RSL Queenslad website.

    Further information on the scholarship can be found in the Scholarship Guidelines on the website.

    If you need assistance completing the application form, please email RSL Queensland at or call 134 RSL.

    To apply for the RSL Queensland Ex-Defence Scholarship you will need:

  • Applications must be completed in full and will be assessed by RSL Queensland once all relevant documents have been submitted and received by RSL Queensland. Failure to provide all documentation as requested may result in your application being unable to be processed and assessed appropriately.
  • Interested applicants need to read the eligibility criteria and then complete and submit the Ex-Defence Scholarship application form online. Incomplete applications will not be processed.
  • Applicants need to clearly demonstrate the relevance of their education/training course to increasing employability.
  • Applicants must disclose any qualifications already held for anything higher than secondary education i.e. diploma or undergraduate degree.
  • Applicants who are currently studying in the course they are applying for a scholarship in should complete the details indicating the course, the institution and year of study. Applicants will be required to submit a copy of the official handbook or similar document giving the name, institution and length of the course.
  • Applicants who are currently studying in the course they are applying for a scholarship in should attach a copy of their results and reports for the last academic year. If the applicant did not do as well as expected, an explanation must be provided.
  • Applicants starting a new course who have an offer of place already should provide proof of offer and enrolment. In the event course enrolment cannot occur unless an Applicant becomes an approved recipient of Ex-Defence Scholarship funding, enrolment verification must be provided prior to the payment of any scholarship funding.
  • Applicants to prepare and provide to RSL Queensland copies of bank statements and other documentation to demonstrate hardship or vulnerability, if requested by RSL Queensland.
  • Scholarship application periods remain open until all available scholarships for the relevant year are awarded, or until the 17th of August each year, prior to the following scholarship round commencing.
  • RSL Queensland will email applicants with advice of the outcome of their applications. Applicants should anticipate that it will take a minimum of 28 days from receipt of a complete and correct application (inclusive of completed application form and any required attachments).

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