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If you are a researcher or research team interested in undertaking a dental or oral health research project, you are invited to apply for grants. Please apply on the ADRF Research Application Form.  Following external reviews and an internal review by the members of the ADRF Research Advisory Committee, the highest scoring applications are selected.  Furthermore, the highest ranked applications under the below categories are selected from all the grants received. The Foundation thanks the Award sponsors for their support. 

Applications for Grant round 2022 are now closed. Applications for 2023 will open in early March 2023. Should you have any queries please contact grants or 02 8815 3333 and the Admin staff will be happy to assist. 

Australian Dental Industry Association (ADIA) Research Grant
The Australian Dental Industry Association (ADIA) Research Grant will provide up to $25,000 for a single grant. As part of the conditions, the Researchers of the Award must agree to work with the ADIA to raise Awareness of the Grant, the ADRF and the research it is funding. 

GC Australasia Dental Pty Ltd
The GC Australasia Award provides $5,000 annually for the promotion of research in Minimum Intervention Dentistry.

International College of Dentists - Australasian Section & the ICD Syd Dobbin AM Gr​ant
The International College of Dentists - Australasian Section - ICD Award provides up to $5,000 annually towards community oral health. In 2019, the International College of Dentists established the ICD Syd Dobbin AM Grant which is a $5,000 Award in memory of Dr Dobbin.

Oral Medicine Academy of Australasia
The Oral Medicine Academy of Australasia Research Award disperses $2,000 annually to supplement the highest-ranked application in oral medicine research.

Australian Dental Association WA Branch Research Awards
The ADA WA Branch support three grants, as follows for up to $5,000 each to the University of Western Australia: 

  • ADAWA DMD Student Grant 
  • ADAWA DClin Dent Student Grant
  • ADAWA Clinical Dentistry Student Grant
  • In 2019, the Australian Dental Association Western Australian Branch advised they would fund a second ranked UWA Doctor of Dental Medicine student applicant to receive a grant of $3,000.  

The Clark Family Award
The Clark Family Research Award is a $10,000 annual research grant supported by William, Pam and Allison Clark. It is awarded to the highest ranked application in the area of clinical dentistry with a sole focus on sustainability, or an area of research where sustainability in dentistry is either a major focus or a significant by-product of the project.
Sustainability is imperative to dentistry and it is most thoughtful and fitting that the Clark Family have proposed to support this important area of research.

The Richard Hardham Award
This award is in recognition of Dr Hardham’s significant commitment throughout his career to preventative dentistry. He was a prime mover in the 1960s for the addition of fluoride into our water supplies. Water fluoridation has made a significant contribution to improving the oral health of Australians. Along with good oral hygiene and a healthy diet it can help prevent dental decay. This $5,000 award has been facilitated by Dr Hardham’s family in recognition of his ongoing commitment to this important area of research.

Straumann Group Award
The Straumann Group Award is offered to research to improve knowledge in the area of implantology and tooth replacement solutions. The award is offered as an annual $5,000 award. The Foundation is extremely proud to administer this award on behalf of the Straumann Group.

Dental Student Research Awards
Since 2019, the Foundation has a preserved funding amount specifically for Dental or Oral Health Student Applications. These may be an individual project or a group project, with supervisor(s) oversight. Applications should be made on the main round grant application form.  If the primary applicant of the Dental Student Award submits a full manuscript of their findings this will be sent to the Leonard Hansen prize judging panel.  The winner of the Leonard Hansen prize will receive $500 and a certificate.

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