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Location: Melbourne, VICTORIA

opological materials, such as topological insulators and topological Dirac semimetals, are a new class of matter that possess new and exciting electronic properties. Allowing a wide range of new physics to be explored and have the potential to create revolutionary new electronic devices that have the potential to transport charge through one-dimensional edge modes without dissipation. Our group has made a number of breakthrough discoveries in this area, including the first experimental observation of an electric-field tuned topological phase transition [1], the first transport measurements on thin film topological Dirac semimetals [2] and identified new signatures of helical edge state transport in topological insulator thin films.[3]

In this project you will grow new 2D and 3D topological materials and intrinsic magnetic topological insulators via molecular beam epitaxy, and look at the role of magnetism either via doping with 3d transition metals or proximity effect. After successfully growing these exotic materials, you will study the magnetic properties via magnetometry and anomalous Hall effect measurements. You will also investigate the electronic properties using transport measurements in high magnetic fields and at low temperature. This will involve measurements in ultra-high vacuum conditions at 5K in a magnetic field up to 1T, or at extreme temperatures between 0.3K-300K in magnetic fields up to 14T.

Selection criteria

Applicants should hold a first class Honours or Masters degree (or equivalent) and should have a strong background in physics. In addition, the advertised position would suit an applicant with experience in experimental physics, in particular surface science or condensed matter physics.

Important Dates and Scholarship Amount

Two application rounds per year, with deadlines 31st March and 31st August for International Applicants. Students will receive a $27,872 per year scholarship, and top-ranked or exceptional candidates may also be eligible for top-up scholarships.

Funding Notes

Applicants will need to apply for a Monash Graduate Scholarship see

Contact Dr Julie Karel ( and Dr Mark Edmonds (

[1] J. Collins,.., M. T. Edmonds, Electric-field-tuned topological phase transition in ultra-thin Na3Bi, Nature DOI: 10.1038/s41586-018-0788-5

[2] J. Hellerstedt, M. T. Edmonds, et al., Electronic properties of high-quality epitaxial topological Dirac semimetal thin films, Nano Letters 16, 3210 (2016)

[3] C. Liu, et al., Signatures of Helical Edge Transport in Millimetre-Scale Thin Films of Na3Bi, arXiv preprint arXiv:1906.01214

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