PhD Research Scholarship - The Bouverie Centre

Updated: 28 days ago
Location: Melbourne, VICTORIA
Deadline: 31 Jan 2024

Scholarship code: SRS-23006

Building the capability of mental health services to provide family-based practices: Impact and Implementation

This scholarship has been made available with funding from the Mental Health and Wellbeing Division of the Victorian Department of Health. The Bouverie Centre is a systemic practice-research-translation organisation with a mission to promote healthy relationships in families, organisations, and communities. The Centre is located within the School of Psychology and Public Health at La Trobe University. This PhD scholarship is offered within The Bouverie Centre’s Practice & Service Development program which conducts workforce development informed by implementation science.

The PhD candidature

This PhD with publications aims to explore the implementation and impact of family-based approaches at organization (mental health service), practitioner, individual and family levels. The PhD candidate will have extensive learning and research opportunities within the broad field of workforce and service development. The candidate will develop a unique understanding of workforce and organizational capability and capacity building as this relates to family-based approaches in mental health. The research will be conducted within implementation and translational science frameworks.

The candidate will have the opportunity to utilise The Bouverie Centre’s existing workforce data collected from over 6000 trainees over the last 3 years.

Possible key research questions and topics

Possible questions include: What are the characteristics of trainees and service settings associated with uptake of family-based approaches in mental health? What enables and constrains translation of these approaches into practice? How do we understand the process by which practitioners and organisations adopt family-based practices? How is the implementation and impact of family-based approaches best measured at an individual, family, practitioner and organisational level?

Other questions and topics may include exploring the influence on training outcomes of participant readiness for new learning and the impact of training on participants' own family life.

Research design, methods and expectations of this PhD program:

This PhD is likely to utilise mixed design with the integration of qualitative methodologies with quantitative data.

The PhD candidate will refine specific research questions and the corresponding suite of analyses to address the research question/s. The candidate will be expected to design and conduct an appropriate systematic literature review to commence the program of research. By the conclusion of the PhD the candidate will have published two papers and have a third paper prepared for submission.

Supervisors Associate Professor Brendan O’Hanlon, Dr Mohajer Hameed and Professor Jenn McIntosh will provide methodology expertise to co-lead analyses and assist in writing up results for this program of research.

The PhD candidate will be mentored at The Bouverie Centre, La Trobe University and will be supported in learning both theoretical approaches to workforce training in mental health and respective research methods. The candidate will join a growing cohort of PhD candidates within the centre and profit from its unique practice-oriented research and research translation.

To express your interest and request in principle agreement to apply, please contact Associate Professor Brendan O’Hanlon , Dr Mohajer Hameed and Professor Jenn McIntosh . Only applicants who have contacted the listed supervisors and have been invited to apply with be considered for this scholarship.

Benefits of the scholarship include:
  • a Bouverie Centre - La Trobe Research Scholarship for three years, with a value of $45,000 per annum, to support your living costs
  • publication / thesis / conference presentation allowance
  • opportunities to work with La Trobe’s outstanding researchers and have access to our suite of professional development programs.

In selecting successful applicants, we prioritise applications from candidates who:

If you are invited to apply and shortlisted for the scholarship and candidature, you will be invited to an interview with representatives of La Trobe University and Department of Health.

The final decision will be made based on your application and interview. The successful candidate will be made an offer for candidature and scholarship.

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