PhD position: Dr Michael Barson

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My work focuses on experimental research in quantum sensing and quantum microscopy using the nitrogen-vacancy (NV) centre in diamond. In particular, we are interested in applying quantum sensing for examining and imaging the magnetic fields from exotic conducting materials (e.g. superconductors, topological insulators), performing high bandwidth and high sensitivity vector magnetic sensing and developing catheter probe based magnetic sensors for biological applications. To perform quantum sensing, we optically read-out the NV centre's electron spin state to quantify the perturbing effect of nearby interactions. In this research, you need to understand how spins interact with their environment and how to read-out and control single spins. This requires understanding of concepts like atom optics, magnetic resonance, spin-Hamiltonians and time-dependent perturbations. Our experiments require hand-on experimental use of optics (e.g. lasers, detectors, lenses, etc.), microwave, RF and DC electronics, magnetic fields and control systems. In addition to this, simulations of electron spins and subsequent data analysis are also an important aspect of our work.

  • "Wide-field quantum microscopy of exotic materials" (with Prof. Kris Helmerson)
  • "High-bandwidth continuous magnetic sensing of an ensemble of electric spins" (with Prof. Kris Helmerson)
  • "Developing a spatially sensitive optical magnetometer catheter probe" (with Prof. Kris Helmerson)
  • "Wide-field coherent phase imaging of AC magnetic fields" (with Prof. Kris Helmerson)

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