PhD position: Dr Haoran Ren

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I am an early-career DECRA Research Fellow. I joined Monash University in mid-2022, before that I acquired a Macquarie University Research Fellowship at Macquarie University, a Humboldt Research Fellowship at LMU Munich, and a postdoc position at RMIT University. My nanophotonics research seeks to uncover the underlying physics in structured light-matter interactions at nanoscale. We aim to develop advanced optical materials and nanotechnology to unleash the full potential of structured light in optical and quantum information processing. Our developed photonic devices and systems have significant research impact on a breadth of photonic applications, including optical and quantum imaging, communications, displays, and sensing. I supervise a broad range of projects in nanophotonics. As a subgroup leader of a new nanophotonics laboratory led by Prof. Stefan Maier at Monash, my team will have the opportunity to work with colleagues from an interdisciplinary environment and collaborators around the world, and with world-class photonic facilities at Monash.

  • "Quantum nanophotonic chip"
  • "Multimode imaging through ultrathin meta-optics"
  • "Advancing optical imaging with flat optics"
  • "Machine-learning nanophotonics for enhancing energy conversion"
  • "When structured light meets nanostructures"

Structured Nanophotonics Group

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