PhD position: A/Prof Paul Lasky

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I am interested in the most catastrophic and explosive collisions in the Universe, such as the mergers of neutron stars and black holes. I study these using both gravitational waves and electromagnetic signatures, primarily focussed on linking the data from these exciting experiments with our theoretical understanding of gravity and the most extreme regions of the Universe. I am a member of the global LIGO Scientific Collaboration, as well as Australia's OzGrav Centre of Excellent for Gravitational-wave Discovery.

  • "Nuclear astrophysics from gravitational waves: understanding dense matter in neutron stars "
  • "Gravitational-wave cosmology: measuring the Universe without a distance ladder "
  • "Building NEMO: The science case for a dedicated high-frequency gravitational-wave observatory "
  • "Searching for physics beyond general relativity with gravitational-waves " (with Prof Eric Thrane)
  • "Improving the sensitivity of gravitational-wave detectors " (with Prof Eric Thrane)

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