Imaging and tissue response in radiotherapy top up scholarship, University of Western Australia (UWA)

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Imaging and tissue response in radiotherapy top up scholarship
The physics research group based in the Department of Radiation Oncology, Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital (SCGH), forms part of a multidisciplinary team studying and optimising the role of radiation delivery (radiotherapy) for cancer treatment. Project activities include processing and analysis of patient imaging and associated digital data, computational modelling of biophysical processes and radiation interactions, measurement of radiation, collection and analysis of patient data during clinical trials. The group is led by A/Prof Martin Ebert and currently includes 2 PhD and multiple MSc students.One of the principal factors limiting the increased effectiveness of modern radiotherapy is the potential for damage to normal (ie., non-cancerous) tissues. We are looking at the response of normal tissues during treatment of various cancer types and have collected, or are in the process of collecting, clinical data to relate complex dose distributions to resulting toxicity. The research to be undertaken will encompass one or more of:
  • Methods of image registration using patient functional imaging.
  • Development of mathematical models to describe regional organ function and correlation of functional changes with radiation dose distributions.
  • Analysis of functional SPECT imaging for kidney response.
  • Models for normal tissue response in prostate radiotherapy.
  • Practical methods of implementing normal tissue response models into the planning of patient treatments.
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Top Up Scholarship
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Elegibility: Please note that this scholarship is for a living allowance only.  Any International prospective students must also apply for a SIRF scholarship to cover the cost of international student tuition fees and health care cover.
  • Have completed a four year undergraduate degree at first-class honours level or equivalent. An applicant may be disadvantaged if the Scholarships Committee cannot make a comparison with The University of Western Australia's standards, particularly in relation to the class of Honours achieved, ie first or second class Honours;
  • Intend to enrol as a full-time candidate for a PhD degree;
  • Provide evidence of achieving English language proficiency
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