Flinders PhD Enterprise Scholarship: Health Economics/Health Services Research

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Location: Bedford Park, SOUTH AUSTRALIA
Deadline: 31 Dec 2022

Improve the Australian health system with impactful PhD research co-funded by Flinders University and the Commission  on Excellence and Innovation in Health, South Australia. The Commission on Excellence and Innovation in Health (CEIH) is the government agency responsible for inno­va­tion in health­care in South Aus­tralia. This means the candidate will gain academic and health service experience, whilst undertaking research with direct relevance to the real-world delivery of health care.

·         Receive a $28,854 (2022 full-time rate, indexed annually) per annum scholarship tax free, for up to 3.5 years.

·         Apply your research skills during an internship with the Commission on Excellence and Innovation in Health.

Flinders University and the CEIH are offering a PhD Enterprise Scholarship to undertake research to develop framework or guidance on how economic evidence should be generated during the evaluation of innovative health technologies for precision medicine. In countries such Australia, economic evidence is one of the key inputs for government decisions regarding the public funding and pricing of new health technologies. Although, over the past few years, there has been a rapid growth of economic evaluations of precision medicine interventions, there are identified methodological challenges for economic evaluation in precision medicine evidence. Bringing significant industry experience to the project (CEIH) and complementary research strengths (Flinders University), we are seeking innovative solutions to this challenging area of research through this PhD study.    

The PhD will be co-supervised by Associate Professor of Health Economics, Hossein Afzali and the Commissioner, CEIH  and Professor of Cardiology, Derek Chew

This project involves engagement with key stakeholders (e.g., clinicians and policy makers) to develop systematic evaluation approaches to determine the economic value of precision medicine and how to expedite the health technology evaluation process, with consequent impacts on health policy and clinical practice.  

The PhD Enterprise Scholarship also includes an internship of at least 60 full-time equivalent days, agreed to in written form within 18 months of candidature, undertaken and completed prior to completion of the PhD, during which you will be embedded with the industry partner team, developing your network, and gaining insight into the everyday research practices of an industry-leading/service driven organisation.

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