Flinders PhD Enterprise Scholarship: Confronting everyday harm and preventing abuse of people with disability

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Location: Bedford Park, SOUTH AUSTRALIA
Deadline: 23 Dec 2022

Change lives and change the world with impactful PhD research co-funded by Flinders and the NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission.

Flinders University and the Commission are offering a PhD Enterprise Scholarship to undertake innovative research which contributes to the development of new approaches to enhancing wellbeing and prevent violence and abuse of people with disability. Together we are working with a large team of academic and industry partners seeking innovative solutions to this challenging problem. This PhD project will make an important contribution to this research program. 

The candidate will work on an applied disability studies or social policy topic that they negotiate, related to an Australian Research Council (ARC) Linkage project ‘Confronting everyday harm: preventing abuse of people with disability’ about the wellbeing, safety and prevention of abuse for people with intellectual disability. Topics will frame solution-focused approaches which support people with disability to act against harm and others to effectively support them.

ARC project: Confronting everyday harms: preventing abuse of people with disability

Prof Sally Robinson (Flinders), Prof Karen Fisher, Dr Heikki Ikaheimo (UNSW Sydney), Dr Claire Spivakovsky (Melbourne)

The ARC project is developing new approaches to enhancing wellbeing and preventing violence and abuse of people with disability. Our concept of everyday harmswill be advanced and applied to the context of young people with cognitive disability receiving paid support. In response to the urgent need to prevent abuse and enhance wellbeing of people with disability, the project utilises recognition theory for a better understanding of the everyday interactions between people with disability and support workers, where avoiding the conditions for abuse, violence or neglect, as well as enhancing wellbeing, are important goals. The policy implications are highly topical in the context of the Royal Commission into Abuse of People with Disability, the National Disability Insurance Scheme, Australia’s Disability Strategy and the government’s obligations under the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.

The PhD candidate will enhance research excellence in interdisciplinary collaboration between contemporary humanities, social policy and applied philosophy researchers. The policy impact of the project resonates with immediate human rights questions. The opportunity will develop post-PhD career trajectories in research leadership, community development and policy.

The PhD Enterprise Scholarship also includes an internship of at least 60 full-time equivalent days, agreed to in written form within 18 months of candidature, undertaken and completed prior to completion of the PhD, during which you will be embedded with the industry partner team, developing your network, and gaining insight into the everyday research practices of an industry-leading/service driven organisation.

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