Do writer visits at schools influence student reading engagement?

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Location: Mount Lawley, WESTERN AUSTRALIA

Project Outline:

A recent report from the UK suggests that writer visits at schools could exert a positive influence on student reading engagement. This mixed methods PhD project would involve exploring the impact (if any) of writer visits at schools in Australian contexts on student reading engagement, in order to determine if writer visits constitute a good investment for schools seeking to enhance student reading engagement. Close attention will be paid to unique elements of author approaches, such as delivery differences between writers, and how they appear to impact upon audience response.

Desired skills: Research and academic writing skills are desirable. The thesis will incorporate academic publications, so applicants need to be willing to write early and often during candidature.

Project Area: Literacy and Literature

Supervisor(s): Dr Margaret Merga

Project level: PhD

Funding: Applicant should apply for ECUHDR or RTP Scholarship

Start date: February 2020

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