Athol Lykke Scholarship for Postgraduate Studies in Music

Updated: 5 days ago
Location: Adelaide, SOUTH AUSTRALIA
Deadline: 01 Mar 2024

The Athol Lykke Scholarship for Postgraduate Studies in Music was established in 1956 by a gift from a group of Donors to commemorate the work of Athol Lykke. The scholarship supports graduates of the University of Adelaide to pursue an advanced program of study in music gaining musical knowledge and experience overseas. 

To be eligible to apply for this scholarship you must:

  • Be a graduate in music
  • Undertaking an advance program of study to gain musical knowledge and experience in Great Britain or Ireland and/or if permitted by the University of Adelaide, in practical training in Europe, Canada, USA or Australia
  • Provide documentary evidence of the advanced program of study, such as itinerary, details of the advanced program of study and the budget at the time of application

Selection of the successful candidate will be made according to:

  • Academic merit (GPA)
  • Purpose of the proposed study and likely benefit of the study to the graduate
  • Answers to questions on the application form
  • Preference will be given to graduates of not more than five years standing by the closing date for applications  

Important Information:

  • You must meet all of the above listed criteria to be eligible to apply
  • The Scholarship must be taken up in the year in which it is offered
  • Should the recipient of a Scholarship not proceed with the study as planned, then the Scholarship amount must be repaid to the University in full within 3 months after the date of the planned travel
  • Students receiving other University of Adelaide Scholarships may apply for this Scholarship
  • For graduates who are not currently studying at the University of Adelaide, please email [email protected]  for application details

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