Scientific Officer

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Do you love doing experiments but don’t want to be a group leader/PI?

We have the job for you!

The Furlong lab is looking for a scientific officer that has great hands and loves to work in a highly collaborative, interdisciplinary, cutting-edge environment. The position involves contributing to different projects in the group and also, potentially, leading your own project. Extensive experience with Drosophila genetics and confocal microscopy and excellent molecular biology expertise are essential. The work involves Drosophila genetics, CRISPR/Cas9 genetic engineering, imaging, subcloning.

The person should be able to work independently, be highly motivated and very well-organized. The Furlong lab dissects fundamental principles of genome regulation, and how it drives cell fate decisions during development, focusing on how the genome is organised and utilised during embryogenesis. As our main model system is Drosophila, the successful candidate should have extensive expertise with Drosophila genetics and imaging, to describe and quantify embryonic phenotypes.

The appointed candidate will be independent but also enjoy working in a friendly and a very interdisciplinary lab. The candidate should be motivated to help others to drive their projects forward, in addition to initiating new projects and leading collaborations. You would also help with organizational aspects of the lab, including maintenance of fly stocks and timely purchases and stocking of supplies.

You will join a highly collaborative, diverse and international team.

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