Postdoctoral Fellowships (Korea Polar Research Institute)

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Job Description

- Research on Polar region environment changes using remote sensing (Satellite, UAV)

- Carry out missions from the Center of Remote Sensing and GIS (remote sensing data processing and analysis)

Academic Field

- All fields related to remote sensing

Required Expertise

- Expertise in remote sensing and relevant fields

- Earth, ocean, or environmental science-related knowledge

- Expertise needed to process data from satellites or UAV

Required Skills

- Ability to write scientific papers for academic journals

- Computer language or analysis program usage for processing satellite and/or UAV data

- Communication skills with related fields

Work Attitude

- Friendly personality

- Open mind

- Positivity

- Logical thinking

Required Qualifications

- Ph.D. in relevant field or prospective Ph.D. (within three months of expected date of employment, November 2021) with a record of publishing (or receiving approval in) at least one SCIE journal paper as the first author within the past three years (as of August 17, 2021)


- KOPRI website ( )

- NCS website ( )

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