Postdoctoral Fellow

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The Petsalaki Group uses data-driven and network-based approaches to understand the principles underpinning context-specific cell signalling. We are an interdisciplinary team using computational and experimental approaches and methods from machine learning and network modelling to CRISPR and phosphoproteomics.

For this project you will be joining a multi-partner exciting collaboration funded by Open Targets to identify combination targets for KRAS-mutant colorectal cancer and triple negative breast cancer. This partnership includes the Garnett Group and industry partners from GSK and Sanofi.  

You will be working in collaboration with the team to analyse the largest genetic interaction dataset generated to date in human cell lines (75K pairs across 50 cell lines) in order to prioritise candidate target pairs for therapeutic applications, understand the mechanisms and principles underpinning these genetic interactions. Additionally you will have the opportunity to develop a predictive model of drug synergy that is also interpretable in terms of mechanism of action. 

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