Associate Professor of Staging Collaborative Design in Engineering Design at AAU Copenhagen

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At the Technical Faculty of IT and Design, Department of Planning at Aalborg University, Copenhagen, a position as Associate Professor of Staging Collaborative Design in Engineering Design is open for appointment from December 1, 2021 or soon hereafter.

The Department of Planning is currently strengthening its teaching and research activities within engineering design. We invite applicants eager to contribute the Department’s vision of developing and sharing knowledge on designerly approaches to the Sustainable Development Goals concerning health and well-being, clean energy, and responsible consumption and production. The Associate Professor will become part of an interdisciplinary research group – Design for Sustainability – that explores how design approaches and methods can contribute to sustainable change. The research group shares a sociotechnical understanding of design; an understanding which emphasizes the interdependencies and mutual shaping of the social (people, policies and politics) and technology. The group’s research complements engineering design and conceptualisation in product design with insights from Science and Technology Studies.

At Department of Planning, we have about 200 employees situated at the Aalborg and Copenhagen campus. The department provides excellent research and teaching in the field of planning, technology and society in order to create a more sustainable future. We are interdisciplinary in the technical, natural and social science disciplines and present a unique combination of social and technological understanding where digital and technological solutions merge with the needs of society.

Our research creates the foundation for educating the young people of tomorrow, and as part of Aalborg University, the department rests on a socially engaging and problem-oriented approach. It is also at Department of Planning that the UNESCO Center for Problem-Based Learning is at home. That helps ensure, we create educations aimed at the job market and a society with increasing focus on technology, digitization, sustainability and partnerships for a sustainable transition.

Job description

Within the Department of Planning, the Design for Sustainability research group has a number of focal areas: staging of collaborative design, designing sustainable engineering; circular economy as and by design; valuation studies and the role of expertise. The applicants for the position are to contribute in the areas of:

Conceptualisation through collaborative design Staging and navigation of collaborative design Collaborative design methods and theory Emergence by design

The applicants’ profiles should show both research and experiences within the above-mentioned areas. Further, the applicant will be part of research projects with focus on design for health, thus it will be advantage if the applicant has interest within this research field.

The position requires applicants that:

  • can demonstrate experience with research and teaching relevant to the competences required
  • ability to work in interdisciplinary teams including socio-technical approaches to design
  • can conduct fieldwork and research related to sectors and practices in Denmark
  • Applicants should preferably hold experience in writing research applications and proven ability to attract external funding is desirable.

The Associate Professor is expected to teach core courses in conceptualization, engineering design methods, collaborative design and staging of design processes in the bachelor and master programmes of the engineering education Sustainable Design. The majority of the teaching tasks at the undergraduate levels are in Danish, whereas teaching at the graduate levels may be in English or in Danish. Therefore, you are expected to learn Danish, within a reasonable period of time.

You may obtain further information regarding the position from Head of Section, associate professor Morten Elle by e-mail phone (+45) 9940 3754

Please visit for the specific qualification requirements

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