Winter-Over Engineer, South Pole Station

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Location: Cambridge, MASSACHUSETTS

Reporting to Astronomy faculty member, the Winter-Over Engineer will oversee the BICEP3 experiment at the Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station during the winter observing season from January to November 2021.
Responsible for daily operations and service of the BICEP3 telescope; will maintain and troubleshoot BICEP3 instrument components, including electronic, cryogenic, and mechanical subsystems, in consultation with the BICEP3 team. Will manage BICEP3 computer systems, including organization and transfer of observing script queues and data files; will update control software as needed. Will communicate regularly, via internet and satellite telephone, with the BICEP3 team in North America; will report on telescope performance and activity, and discuss operations at South Pole. Will collaborate with the Winter-Over Engineer for BICEP Array, the other on-site telescope of the BICEP/Keck experimental program, handling tasks that call for several personnel. This position will supervise the work of science tech staff at the South Pole including the science support technician, the machinist technician, and the utilities technician who support the BICEP3 project.
During the period prior to the 2021 winter observing season, the Winter-Over Engineer will prepare for winter duties and may also assist the BICEP3 team in preparation of the BICEP3 telescope for winter service. This pre-winter preparation will take place prior to January 2021 at Harvard and/or on-site at the U.S. Antarctic Program Center in Colorado, with a schedule to be determined based on experience and availability.
This is a residential position located in Antarctica, except for training in Cambridge, MA. This is a term position ending in November 2021.
BICEP3 is a telescope system which builds on the success of BICEP2 and makes groundbreaking measurements of the polarization of the cosmic microwave background (CMB) radiation. It is a pathfinder instrument for the BICEP Array, and is operated at the South Pole in coordination with additional CMB telescopes including the Keck Array and the South Pole Telescope.
All formal offers will be made by FAS Human Resources.
Salary Grade: 057
Union: 00 - Non Union, Exempt or Temporary

Bachelors or higher degree in Engineering, Physics, or a related field. At least 2 years' related engineering or research experience, including professional experience in the Arctic or Antarctic, or academic research experience working with similar projects.
The successful applicant will have a broad knowledge of and ability to troubleshoot and to work with mechanical, electronic, computer, high-vacuum, and cryogenic systems similar to those of the complex BICEP3 experiment. Programming experience with Linux and CAD experience with Solidworks are pluses. Past experience must include the demonstrated ability to take responsibility for and operate similarly complex experiments in a remote and challenging environment, including the ability to identify hazards and maintain safety. T his position requires an exceptionally focused individual who is self-motivated and able to effectively communicate and collaborate with others. Must be able to walk 6 km per day wearing heavy clothing under extreme weather conditions.
Must be capable of obtaining a New Zealand visa or other authorization to travel to Antarctica via New Zealand. The successful candidate will be required to demonstrate that he/she is physically qualified to work in Antarctica and must meet all requirements of the U.S. Antarctic Program.
EQUAL OPPORTUNITY EMPLOYER: We are an equal opportunity employer and all qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, disability status, protected veteran status, or any other characteristic protected by law.

Internal Number: 52121BR
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