Technical Associate I, Synthetic Neurobiology Group

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Location: Cambridge, MASSACHUSETTS

Job Description

TECHNICAL ASSOCIATE I, McGovern Institute for Brain Research-Synthetic Neurobiology Group , to join a group that is developing cutting-edge methods for mapping the wiring and molecular composition of the brain. Will help optimize and apply expansion microscopy, in conjunction with novel in situ sequencing techniques, for the multimodal mapping of large numbers of biomolecules throughout diverse cells and tissues in healthy and disease states; help design, validate, and optimize expansion microscopy and in situ sequencing protocols (including expansion sequencing for specific applications) and help apply the resulting tools to normal and diseased brain tissue and other tissue types such as cancer biopsies; and help analyze data, write grants and manuscripts, and collaborate with students and postdocs on related projects. Responsibilities also include applying expansion sequencing and related technologies to analyze specific biological specimens from animal models and human patients; performing optical microscopy, including use of automation, for expanded specimen imaging; analyzing imaging data to derive biologically and medically useful conclusions; developing, revising, and/or implement procedures with other group members and collaborating groups; recognizing problems/situations that are new and invent or find solutions; and performing related duties as assigned. 

Job Requirements

REQUIRED:  bachelor’s degree in bioengineering, chemical engineering, biomedical engineering, biological engineering, or related field preferred; at least two years’ experience with immunofluorescent staining, in situ hybridization, confocal microscopy, and tissue processing (e.g., sectioning, clearing, expansion); knowledge of research and work related to chemical biospecimen processing; familiarity with scientific programming (e.g., MATLAB) and image processing software (e.g., FIJI); excellent analytical, problem-solving, organizational, time-management, documentation, interpersonal, and communication skills; attention to detail; and ability to work both independently and with remote team members/collaborators.  Job #23205


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