Taoyuan Taiwan, Senior Application Engineer

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Deadline: 01 May 2023

MacDermid Alpha Electronics Solutions
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Since August 01, 2022, he is working as a senior application Engineer at MacDermid Alpha Electronics Solutions, Taiwan. His work is focused on the final finishing, specifically on the development of printed circuit boards (PCB) in ENIG and ENEPIG products in the Global development of application centers (GDAC). His adaptability allows him to work in various environments and in multidiscipline research fields. Moreover, his great research experiences such as photovoltaic, applications of membranes, and final finishing printed circuit boards, which encourage him to join various research fields.
Skills: Final finishing of ENIG and ENEPIG in PCB, reflow, wire bond, cold ball pull, ball shear, XRF. Titration, corrosion analysis, surface roughness analysis, Great researching skills in membrane technology (VIPS, NIPS/wet immersion, TIPS) Renewable energy sources (Dye-sensitized solar cells, perovskite solar cells, supercapacitors) Characterization of the tools like XRD, OM, TEM, HRTEM, BET, PL, FTIR, SEM, UV-Vis, XPS & EIS. Research and reporting Writing Nanomaterials synthesis and characterization Research and investigations, Reporting Requirements Quantum optics and quantum physics and Quantum Computing Quantum Espresso (DFT, Electronic structure, DOS, and Band structure calculations) Python Programming, Data Science and Analysis with Python, Data Visualization, Network Automation Degrees: Feb 2018 - Jan 2021 Ph.D.: Graduate Institute of Applied Science & Technology National Taiwan University of Science & Technology - Taipei 10607, Taiwan Jul 2012 - Feb 2016 Master of Science: Physics (Quantum Optics) Addis Ababa University - Addis Ababa, Ethiopia Oct 2008 - Jun 2010 Bachelor of Science: Physics Wollega University - Nekemte, Ethiopia Experiance: Aug 2022- Now Senior Application Engineer MacDermid Alpha Electronics Solutions Company  Global development of printed circuit board (PCB) application center  Final Finishing ENIG and ENEPIG for PCB application. Dec 2021-July 2022 Research assistant in R&D Center for Membrane Technology and Chemical Engineering Department at Chung Yuan Christian University, Taoyuan Taiwan  Exploring the potential of antifouling zwitterionic VIPS membranes and their wide spectrum applications in water and biomedical fields. Oct 2016 - Feb 2018 Lecturer in Physics (Quantum physics) Bule Hora University, Bule Hora, Ethiopia  Was taught physics-related courses such as Quantum Mechanics, Modern Physics, Modern Optics, Electricity and magnetism, and Experimental Physics.  Conducted community services as well as mentored undergraduate students.  Managing students and working in collaboration with colleagues.  Mentored more than 5 students per year on their graduation projects. Sep 2010 - Oct 2016 Physics Teacher Hinde Secondary And Preparatory School, Hinde, Ethiopia  Was taught general physics.  Evaluated student-centered active learning.  Maintained students for university entrance.  Managed over 50 students per class.
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Tesfaye Abebe Geleta
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