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Position Summary Information

Position Summary

Student employees assisting in the Geology Labs are under the direct supervision of the Geology Lab Manager. The position is responsible for mentoring students, answering questions about minerals, rocks, maps, and geological processes. The position is also responsible or assisting the lab instructor as needed.

Availability: 5 positions effective August 2017
FOAP: 110004-46401-61400-200

Primary Duties and Responsibilities

Typical tasks include but are not limited to:

- Interact with students and respond to questions.
- Assist lab instructors as needed.
- Organize mineral and rock kits and assure the kits remain serviceable.
- File and retrieve maps and papers.
- Clean lab materials and equipment as needed.
- Monitor lab resource material (student handouts) and make copies.
- Help to maintain a safe environment for learning.
- Maintain familiarity with emergency evacuation procedures.
- Monitor security for the lab and for lab resources.
- Perform other job-related duties as assigned.

Essential Functions

- Ability to communicate effectively with faculty, staff, and students.
- Ability to tutor students in basic geologic concepts.
- Ability to maintain an educational environment which encourages learning.
- Ability to make decisions and work with groups.
- Ability to exhibit good social skills.
- Ability to interact with other students.
- Ability to ensure policies and procedures are followed in all decisions.
- Ability to maintain confidentiality of individual student progress and status.
- Ability to interact in an effective and appropriate manner with diverse populations, the University community, and the public.
- Dependability and punctuality are essential to this position.

Physical Requirements
Required Minimum Qualifications

- Must be an APSU student currently enrolled at least 1/2 time.
- Must have completed with a grade of “B” or above the lab class for which assistance is provided.
- Minimum overall combined 3.0 GPA
- Direct deposit of pay is required.
- A background check may be required of the successful applicant.

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