Student Assistant - Computer Lab Attendant - Geosciences

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Position Summary Information

Position Summary

The Computer Lab Attendant works under the direct supervision of the Geology Lab Manager. The position is responsible for monitoring the Geoscience Computer Lab in Room 210 of the McCord Building.

Availability: 1 position effective August 2017
FOAP: 110001-40021-61400-200

Primary Duties and Responsibilities

- Monitor the use of the computer lab and assure security of equipment during open hours.
- Ensure that the lab is only utilized by students, faculty, staff, and guests of the University.
- Assist lab users with basic needs such as re-supplying paper to printers, canceling print jobs when necessary, etc.
- Report any computers in need of repair to the lab manager.
- Oversee the evacuation of the center during fire or severe weather.
- Maintain a safe environment for learning.
- Encourage patrons to follow lab rules: no cell phones, food, drink, etc.
- Ensure the Computer Lab is secured at closing.
- Perform other job related duties as assigned.

Essential Functions

- Ability to communicate effectively with staff, students, and guests of the university.
- Ability to maintain an educational environment which encourages learning.
- Ability to make decisions and work independently.
- Ability to demonstrate good customer service skills.
- Availability to work flexible hours.
- Ability to ensure policies and procedures are followed in all decisions.

Physical Requirements
Required Minimum Qualifications

- Must be an APSU student enrolled at least 1/2 time.
- Minimum overall combined GPA of 2.0 (unless you are a first-semester freshman and you have no overall combined GPA).
- Direct of pay is required.
- A background check may be required of the successful applicant.

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