Steam and Power Plant III (Job ID #145408)

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Operate and maintain heating, ventilating, air conditioning, and refrigeration systems, central utility plant, steam plant and the co· generation plant.

Perform maintenance on all air handling units and air distribution systems.

Operate and maintain heat exchangers, steam generators, distillers, demineralizers, air compressors, and other systems.

Operate boilers and high temperature hot water generators using gas and/or oil as fuel.

Operate diesel engines and electrical generators.

Operate and maintain boiler systems including fuel, feed water, chemicals, controls, pumping, and expansion tanks.

Operate and maintain refrigeration equipment including condenser and chilled water systems, cooling towers, and pumps. Check temperatures, pressures, water levels, humidities, and air flow. Read meters and maintain operating and maintenance records.

Operate building automation computers.

Operate swimming pools, including pumps, filters, chemical feed and testing equipment.

Operate and/or maintain life safety systems, including fire pumps and fire line distribution systems. Respond to fire calls and emergency calls.

Operate, maintain or direct maintenance of fire alarm systems and fire line distribution systems. Perform utility shutdowns and startups as required. Read building mechanical drawings.

Operate electrical switchgear and ice grooming equipment. Regulate and/or control water now, air now, gas now, oxygen now, and dry vacuum.

Prepare written reports detailing response to operations, service calls and equipment maintenance.

Other duties as assigned.

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