Staff Research Associate 1 (Part-time)

Updated: about 2 months ago
Location: Los Angeles, CALIFORNIA


The Division of Hematology/Oncology is seeking a skilled Staff Research Associate to provide technical support to members of the research team on a number of projects from the laboratory and to actively collaborate with the Department of Laboratory Animal Medicine participating on current adoptive cell transfer and T-cell engineering studies. Scientific job duties include maintaining various human primary cancer cell lines, genetic engineering and functional characterization of human and murine T cells, PCR, qPCR, Elisa and Flow Cytometry for gene transfer experiments for preclinical related work. Laboratory duties and responsibilities include to regularly to maintain research records, laboratory stocks ordering supplies and consumables for research projects, oversee lab functions maintaining optimal compressed gas levels and proper equipment operation assisting the Lab Coordinator on maintain proper functioning of lab equipment and facilities.   

This is a limited, part-time position, which may convert to career.

Salary Range: $24.88 – $29.67 per hour

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