Software Scientist

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Location: Blacksburg, VIRGINIA

The Molecular Sciences Software Institute (MolSSI) located at Virginia Tech seeks candidates for a Software Scientist position in the areas of quantum chemistry, biophysical science, or computational materials science. The successful candidate will be actively involved in an interdisciplinary team who will help develop software frameworks (especially the MolSSI QCArchive:, interact with community code developers including Software Fellows, develop and provide software development training, collaborate with partners in cyberinfrastructure, and form mutually productive coalitions with industry, government labs, and international entities. Candidates should have demonstrable skills in computational methods and theories for biophysical sciences and in active community software development.

Duties and Responsibilities of the team as a whole:
* Develop software infrastructure and frameworks for community use and development.
* Collaborate with scientists both within and without MolSSI to address the priorities of the community and MolSSI.
* Provide expertise in design, optimization, verification, and documentation of software.
* Provide forums for standards development and resource curation to the community.
* Serve as mentor to Software Fellows by training them in software engineering best practices, API development, unittesting, documentation, version control, performance profiling and other issues essential to community software development.
* Interact with partners in industry, NSF supercomputing centers, national laboratories, and international facilities to identify emerging hardware trends, software priorities and future career paths.
* Lead and participate in outreach and educational activities, as well as developing instructional materials.
* Author/coauthor articles for publication and presentation in scientific journals.
* Present MolSSI activities and research at professional and project meetings.
* Ensure all relevant safety policies and procedures are followed and appropriate training is acquired and maintained.
* Personal professional development activities

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