Senior Research Specialist - Computer Science (Job ID #138649)

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Software Research and Development

Develop objectives and design of research projects as directed by project manager.

Develop and assist project manager with proposal writing and budgeting.

Evaluate current developments and research findings to determine potential applicability to research projects.

Prepare, organize and communicate research results.

Elicit - Gather and discover requirements from project stakeholders and other sources such as during design sessions, interviews, document analysis, or focus groups.

Analysis - Analyze and logically break down elicited knowledge to achieve a richer understanding of each requirement.

Specify – represent and document collected requirement knowledge

Validate – Confirm requirements by comparing against business and project objectives.

Management – Track changes to requirements, trace through the project documentation, and audit as necessary.

Define the architecture of projects, software systems, components, and interfaces

Document system design and obtain approvals from stake holders and project manager

Program/code the system, components, and interfaces

Use project tracking system to record changes and additions to code base

Document changes made

Provide unit and integration tests for each software module developed

Cross reference tests to requirements

Validate software via unit and integration tests

Document testing results, correct as necessary

  • Assist colleagues with diagnosing issues discovered in other research and development projects.
  • Assist Lab Associate Director with planning and budgeting for research proposals.
  • Assist Lab Associate Director and colleagues with responding to questions, comments, and concerns of existing grant sponsors.
  • Implement and integrate solutions into projects as directed by Senior Research Scientist.

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