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Location: Portland, OREGON
Job Type: FullTime
Deadline: 15 Oct 2023

Pacific States Marine Fisheries Commission
Portland, OR
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Established in 1947, the Pacific States Marine Fisheries Commission (PSMFC) is an interstate compact agency that helps resource agencies and the fishing industry sustainably manage our valuable Pacific Ocean resources in a five-state region. PSMFC's primary goal is to promote and support policies and actions to conserve, develop, and manage our fishery resources in California, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, and Alaska. We accomplish this through coordinating research activities, monitoring fishing activities, and facilitating a wide variety of projects. We work to collect data and maintain databases on salmon, steelhead, and other marine fish for fishery managers and the fishing industry. PSMFC is seeking an experienced and forward-thinking Senior Program Manager with a strong commitment to fishery resources to join PSMFC's Leadership Team. The role of Senior Program Manager combines excellence in program management and team development in order to achieve PSMFC's primary goal. Group Definition: Members of the Program Manager job family have responsibility for developing and implementing budgets, staffing, work plans, and schedules for their organization in support of fisheries management and/or data collection activities.  They monitor and evaluate progress toward meeting contractually established goals and are held accountable for the achievement of those goals. Essential Functions: Use seasoned judgment and extensive knowledge of PSMFC mission and programs to serve as a key advisor to the Executive Director. Assure that the Executive Director has a full picture of administrative and technical considerations when program and policy initiatives are formulated and implementation decisions are made.  Establish long-term planning, organization, direction, and funding in support of numerous field research and/or commercial programs and projects.  Work is carried out in multiple states, with a regional focus, and Numerous agencies are involved via contractual relationships in accomplishing the work, significantly complicating the direction of work completion and personnel management, and Numerous sources of funding support the work, significantly complicating the processes of establishing budgets and monitoring and reporting budget execution. Develop new projects and programs and associated funding sources.  Develop added sources of funding for existing projects and programs. Develop Requests for Proposals for state/private bids on contract work.  Prepare or assemble Statements of Work and negotiate a budget with funding agencies. Edit and combine submissions from multiple sources to balance program/project budgets with available funding. Monitor achievement of deliverables, compliance with fiscal and reporting guidelines, and adherence to PSMFC procedures, policies, and/or specifications. Write, edit, and assemble numerous progress and final reports for projects and programs.  Prepare components of the PSMFC annual report to Congress and member states. Represent and speak for the Commission in national and regional forums.  This includes having the authority to make commitments for the Commission on issues within the program scope that have considerable consequence or importance. Directly and indirectly (as second-level supervisor) supervise PSMFC staff. Make hiring and promotion decisions; assure equity in compensation and performance recognition across program and project lines; initiate/approve training, corrective, and disciplinary actions; hear and resolve employee complaints; approve/disapprove recommendations from first-level supervisors on personnel actions.  Provide non-supervisory coordination and assistance to agency and contractor managers, project leaders, and task coordinators. Knowledge Required by the Position:  Broad and expert knowledge of principles, methods, techniques, and systems of program management.  This includes the ability to provide strong leadership in the areas of fiscal management, budgeting, human resources management, contracting, grants administration, and risk (liability) management for multiple programs and projects.    Ability to apply a high level of sound, independent judgment in the solution of precedent-setting or high-impact organizational and operational problems in a timely, economical fashion. Ability to establish program objectives and performance goals and assess progress toward their achievement. Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with all levels of key management, staff, government agencies, and private concerns.  This requires the exercise of tact, ingenuity, and resourcefulness in representing and gaining support for PSMFC programs and goals. Ability to communicate effectively, in both written and oral form, with individuals and groups having diverse backgrounds and technical expertise. Ability to select, develop, and supervise staff. Supervisory Controls:  Administrative and policy direction is received in terms of broadly defined missions or goals for the organization.  The employee interprets policies, develops plans, and carries out the work to be done in light of program and project goals and objectives. The position proceeds independently, guided by experience and knowledge.  Consultation with the Executive Director, Fiscal Manager, and the Human Resources Manager during project and program implementation is required. Guidelines:  Within broad PSMFC and agency guidelines, the employee uses judgment, initiative, and resourcefulness to resolve complex issues and problems, research trends, develop new methods, and propose new standards and practices.    Complexity:  Assignments address substantive, interrelated technical issues or problems characterized by complexity, controversy, and/or sensitivity. As issues arise, the employee defines and weighs the facts of the situation including unique and unusual circumstances, determines effective approaches to meet customer requirements, identifies ways to improve or enhance services, identifies appropriate courses of action, and works to reconcile conflicting points of view.  The complexity of the work requires originality and imagination to develop non-traditional approaches and achieve successful completion of program goals.  Since state, federal, and/or tribal agencies are extensively involved in the programs, and because the Senior Program Manager does not have managing authority over these participants, working for high-level coordination and cooperation is vital.  Scope and Effect: The purpose of the work is to promote scientific management of Pacific coast fisheries resources; develop and maintain funding for Commission projects and personnel; and provide prompt, reliable services, fisheries information, and statistics to a variety of agencies, industry, and the public.  Decisions made by the Senior Program Manager are critical to the management and allocation of highly valued marine fisheries. Personal Contacts:  Contacts within PSMFC are at all levels of the organization.  Outside the Commission, contacts include consultants; contractors; state/federal/tribal agency directors, managers, and technical staff; state/federal legislative staff; and representatives of public interest organizations.  Contacts are relatively unstructured, and the employee must learn the role and authority of each party during the course of interaction.  Contacts frequently require a great deal of diplomacy and the ability to negotiate with individuals and agencies in order to arrive at mutually acceptable solutions. Purpose of Contacts:  Internal contacts are to obtain or provide information regarding fishery resources or programs; to develop and supervise programs, and to resolve program issues or problems.  Outside contacts are to represent PSMFC as a member, coordinator, or facilitator of committees or working groups; to negotiate, persuade, and build consensus for programs; and to make decisions required to further the interests of PSMFC and cooperating agencies. Physical Demands: The work is sedentary and requires a great amount of concentration and attention to detail.  Work involves extensive use of video display terminals and computers.  Public speaking requirements in formal and informal settings may involve lengthy periods of standing and talking. Work Environment: The work is performed in an office setting, with adequate heating, lighting, and ventilation.  There is some privacy for concentration and phone conversations. Travel for meetings is required.  Occasional evening or weekend work is required. PSMFC is an EEO/AAP employer. We maintain a drug-free workplace.
Minimum Qualification Requirements: Five years of specialized experience** is required. **Specialized Experience is experience that equips the applicant with the knowledge, skills, and abilities to perform successfully the duties of the position and is typically in or related to the work of the position being filled. To be creditable, Specialized Experience must have been equivalent to at least the next lower level in the normal line of progression for the position being filled. In addition to presenting the required Specialized Experience, all candidates must have demonstrated in their work experience or training that they possess, or have the potential to develop, the qualities of successful supervision.
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