Research Technologist

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Location: Maryland Line, MARYLAND
Job Type: FullTime
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General Description

Department of Medicine: Cardiology; Monday - Friday 8:30am-5:00pm, Full Time.
General Summary:
Under the general supervision of a faculty investigator, the individual will be responsible for handling cell isolation and culture using small rodents for fluid and/or tissue isolation and processing, and molecular assays. Additionally, must be capable of exercising independent judgment while participating in the planning of experiments and evaluating and interpreting results.
Duties and Responsibilities:
Follows established procedures or protocols and utilizes aseptic technique to perform a variety of laboratory experiments to include cell isolation and separation of cardiac muscle cells from neonatal and adult hearts, preparation of tissue for routine histology and molecular assays including gel electrophoresis, and mRNA and DNA preps. Will also assist in mouse breeding and genotyping, bleeding and treatment protocols, including oral dosage in food or gavage, tail or other injection. Careful records of all experiments performed and assessment of quality of data generated is critical.

  • Responsible for all aspects of a working cardiology laboratory including managing and performing experiments and general laboratory organization and upkeep.
  • Follows established procedures or protocols and utilizes aseptic technique to perform laboratory tests and/or experiments which may include: basic tissue culture, cell separation methods, electrophoretic separations, assays, basic molecular biology or other specialized histology and biological science techniques
  • May utilize in vivo models in experimentation
  • Perform laboratory experiments by following common protocols or with instruction
  • Identifies and resolves common problems involved in routine research assays
  • Manages experiments from sample and reagent preparation to experimental testing and data collection.
  • Analyzes data in terms of quality control and experimental diagnostics in preparation for statistical analysis.
  • Careful record keeping of sample information and results to guarantee quality of experimentation.
  • Accountable for laboratory management, involving tracking supply inventories and ensuring availability of laboratory reagents and material.
  • Carries out routine equipment maintenance and upkeep.
  • Ensures laboratory efficiency by following set protocols for lab cleanliness, organization and safety regulations.

Essential Job Functions:
This position will operate basic laboratory equipment and uses various software applications packages to assemble, manipulate and/or format data and/or test reports. This position will also prepare solutions and reagents, order materials and supplies, maintain sterile ready-to-use glassware, keep inventories of lab stocks, maintain laboratory equipment, and conduct routine radiation surveys. Must keep accurate and up-to-date records of experiments performed. Evaluates equipment performance and maintenance schedules.

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